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You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me 【 WMSCOG, Ahnsahnghong, God the Mother 】

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God governs mankind’s life and death, fortune and misfortune
In this world, there are many gods and religions.
However, only God, who governs mankind’s
life and death, fortune and misfortune,
has the authority to forgive the angels who sinned
and lead them to heaven. That is why God said,
“You shall have no other gods before Me.”

Exodus 20:3
“You shall have no other gods before Me.”

All the gods of the world, including ancestor gods,
belong to the devil, and sacrifices given to them
are sacrifices for the devil.
When we fear God and keep His commands,
God blesses us with eternal life in the angelic
world where we will be with God.

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  1. In this earth, there are so many kinds of gods that people believe in. However, there are no other gods who save us. They don't have any power at all. It means that no Savior except God. Only God can save and bless us. Therefore, God gives us 'You shall have no other gods before Me' as 1st commandment of ten commandments. When we keep the God's words and the truth of the Bible, we can believe in God only. For our salvation, we must know where we were, why we live in this earth, and where we will go. Only God, Creator, knows the answers and tells us exactly angelic world where we must go. As the blessings of God, we can be saved and become the people of God. Thanks to God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who let us realize true God.

  2. Hlo…god bless u please translate this video in Nepali also…

  3. Animo💓

  4. Watv sent me here haha I love hearing the word of Father and Mother 😍

  5. I can proudly say no place in my for any other gods, but only Father Jehovah,Son Jesus Christ and also holy spirit the new name of Jesus Christ Christ Ahn sahng-hong

  6. Our Savior is only Elohim God who created all things. We must pray to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

  7. Thanks to Elohim god

  8. Only Elohim God is our God.

  9. Thanks to heavenly father and heavenly mother ~~~💖💖💖

  10. Thank You FM for freeing us from false god’s. The true God’s Christ Ahnsahnghong & Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem. Thank You.

  11. Thanks to Elohim God,let us know about the other gods are idols.Like tree god,stone god,material god,star god,sun god and moon god etc.

  12. "You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me". This is God's commandment so taken for granted, but no one can keep it fully.
    Only those who keep the Passover can keep this absolutely.

  13. God is full of love. Our God the Father, the second coming Christ and Heavenly Mother saved us by sacrificing themselves. So, It's natural that you should obey only Elohim God whom the Bible testified about!

  14. Only God is our savior who can save our souls. Let us remove any idols in our hearts.

  15. Many believers worship to another god even though they claim they believe in God. But they don't know what the truth is because many pagan ideas came in church. So, second coming Christ and Heavenly Mother came to the earth to let us realize the truth in the Bible.

  16. Only Elohim God is our savior in this age. There's no other God !

  17. It is the best church in the world!

  18. Accept espirit and bride.no other god can,t give salvation.!

  19. The only way we can observe the 1st commandment of God is keeping the Passover! There are so many people who believe in God, however they do not know the way to keep the commandment correctly… We must let people know this precious words of God !!

  20. Ариун Сүнсний үед энэ үеийн Аврагч болох Шинэ нэрэнд итгэж байж л аврал авч чадна.

  21. Nous devons croire en Dieu seulement. C'est le chemin de bénédiction.

  22. When we care about salvation of our soul,who ture God is in this age. God is our savior who give us eternal life. Thank God the Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for giving us eternal life.

  23. japanese.watv.org




  24. God sacrificed himself and give us eternal life. We should obey only Elohim God who gives us the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. They are God the Father and God the Mother. Let's follow Elohim God in WMSCOG!

  25. 遵守逾越节才能只敬拜上帝。

  26. These days, only World Mission Society Church of God keeps the command of God. Before keeping the God's commandment, we worshiped idols unknowingly.
    Our Elohim God allow us to be feed from idolatry through the Passover and lead us to worship only God.
    Let us give everlasting thanks and glory to Elohim God, our Father and Mother!

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