Highlight | Lao Toyota vs TP Hồ Chí Minh | AFC Cup 2020 | Công Phượng Xuất Sắc, Xuân Nam Lập Cú Đúp

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  1. 100% win rate he is level 78

  2. Can you make more warzone vids

  3. i miss the old Overwatch Muselk😔

  4. It’s the best game ever

  5. play more of thsi gameee

  6. Why doesn’t he go to the gulag

  7. 2:49 he literally took the worst possible loadout

  8. Good but not good as old fortnite.
    Epic days

  9. Wastes so much ammo… No don't do that stop get some help

  10. Boys that's not coffee that's a double cup

    U know what that means

  11. Realizes he's playing without a sponsor



  12. Is it available on ps4

  13. Why did everyone switch to COD

  14. When u realise its already been out but just inside modern warfare

  15. where was the Gulag?

  16. On Australian internet, that download must’ve took ages.

  17. 0:00 i thought something else was happening…

  18. You can always tell they play fortnite when they say bro or kid 😂

  19. WOW NO SPONSOR!?!?!?!!!lol

  20. 5:56 BELGIEEE

  21. wheres the gulag

  22. Oh its a warthog strike!

    omg he knows the acc plane!

  23. Play this game more!

  24. Please don’t scream

  25. Only fortnite

  26. Play overwatch again

  27. My screen still says checking for update 🙄

  28. Couldn’t he just have came back from the goulog?

  29. This game won’t let me play battle royals only boot camp

  30. Haven’t watched your channel in a little bit but you should def upload more warzone!

  31. i love how he talks trash when he is using rpg its like the number1 noob weapon

  32. It was only 14 seconds of the video and I noticed I had Call of Duty Modern Warfare and plunder is so hard I could barely get any kills on it Battle Royale is easy plunder Let's Get Money

  33. I cant wait to play this game tomorrow

  34. Btw isn’t war zone just mobile but on pc/Xbox/PS4 😂

  35. Love diverse vids

  36. Muselk gained some weight i see…

  37. It was supposed to be 200 player battle royale but it seems thqy made a last minute change

  38. You should try the Plunder game mode.

  39. Can you just go back to overwatch?

  40. I love this game like apex

  41. If muselk plays this instead of fortnite I'll actually watch him

  42. Anything that isn’t fortnite gets a like from me

  43. Not good at fortnite

  44. Can you do a pistol only challenge for war zone with just the starting pistol

  45. My first time playing warzone,
    Open the chest got shit,
    Muselk play warzone for the first time…………………………………… (youtuber loot)

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