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Windows 7 Loading Boot Driver Error Fix – Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device Fix

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If your computer does not Load Windows 7 then this is the video for you. This process should be the same for older Windows like XP Vista and probably Windows 8.

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I answer the following questions in this video
Windows 7 is not loading from the right Driver?
Windows 7 is having a boot driver error.
Windows is not loading says reboot from driver how do I fix this? Reboot and select proper boot device or Insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key, how can I fix this?


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  1. What can I do if my mouse and keyboard are not working??

  2. When I press Ctrl Alt Delete, it goes back to the Reboot screen, any help?

  3. Thank you!

  4. Thankyouuuuu

  5. Which key are you pressing to get bios setup

  6. Wait a min I got the bios setup utility but I don’t have the boot device priority

  7. Thanks man ,

  8. THANK YOU. Watched 3 other videos before I came to this one and you fixed it right up!! Thank you!!

  9. Thank you verry mach success

  10. I don't se ani hard disk drives

  11. The fucking sound effects lmaooooo

  12. Thank you so much! You're a lifesaver man!

  13. Thank you so much u help me 😍👍🏻

  14. Thank u sooooo much 😘😘

  15. I love you boss,….thank you so much I resolved after seeing this video….thank you so much. Great. Keep it up. love you.

  16. good thanks is working.

  17. خدا خیرت بده با کلیپات تونستم چند تا از مشکلات کامپیوترمو حل کنم

  18. https://youtu.be/-kTeRGNWr8k?t=10 2:00

  19. Yooo Thx dunno how the boot priority got messed up considering I only have 1 drive.. but was doing a 10 upgrade and this fixed it somehow lol.

  20. Thanks thanks thanks. Alot. You video help me to solve this.

  21. Thanks Man.🙏

  22. It would be thank full if somebody would like to help me
    I have alot of problwms, that i may need help with.
    First of is that i have more boots than you. (i think 5)
    Second, when i switched to hard disk my screen goes black, i can only see my mouse and i cant press ctrl+alt+delete. I have to restart my pc completely to switch.
    Third, it started yesterday, and ive tried getting help but non of these videos help me.

  23. But I don't have a 2nd drive to switch or boot

  24. Thank you

  25. Someone that isn’t Indian lol

  26. Thanks

  27. If this didn’t work for you what worked for me was looking for a settings option called “load optimised defaults” click that and then save and exit BIOS and it should work

  28. Thank you for this tutorial. God bless

  29. Hey my problem is that, i press delete lot of Time but I need to write a password

  30. Thanks for this video from 2020! Still works on win 10

  31. Ive tried this and it doesn’t work 😭😭

  32. Very useful vedio, you saved my laptop, thanks

  33. Thanks this wideo realy helped me

  34. Thanks your bro

  35. My keyboard stops working after I've restarted so I can't click f2 on time

  36. I didint found boot plz fix

  37. Sir my pc is stuck on loading operating system fr hours wat could be the priblem

  38. Thank u man, i really appreciate that, so masterpiece with explanations, i wish u very best

  39. Thank you helped alot

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