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Windows 10 Will Not Boot Up FIX

Windows 10 Will Not Boot Up FIX

If your having trouble booting into Windows 10 and your looking for a possible repair then this video is for you.

Are you receiving any of these error messages?

Common Start Up problems include:

Corrupt Operating System Files
Corrupt Registry Files
Failed Operating System Updates
Error Loading the Operating System
Invalid Partiton Table
Operating System not found
Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device

You’re windows is trying to boot up and shutting down or gives a error message BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

After 3 reboot attempts Windows will go into recovery mode where you can choose troubleshoot. You may want to boot to a Windows CD or USB and go to Troubleshoot option.

Commands Used:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /scanos
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Once complete try and reboot.

Remember you could also be suffering these problems:

Also Hardware and Malware
Virus and or Malicious Software
Faulty Hard Disk
Corrupt Memory

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  1. For me it worked to open the BIOS and manually open windoes

  2. mine wont booth from cd-rom period,, tried with win 10 cd but no system starts, i tried changing the booth order diffrent times but nothing,, this error came when i took out a SSD 120g and but in a 2T HDD in the same place, now i cant get my computer to get past the black screen with the same error code that showed in the beginning, i cant see whats changed since i formatted the 120 G disc and i boothed up my computer after i formatted, but after disconnecting it it says it cant detect the discs, they are showing in bios and i can switch the boot order as i like but no booth and no booth from dvd windows 10 either

  3. Windows 10 Will Not Boot Up FIX

  4. Or you can just buy a Mac

  5. well mine is different, when i attempt to install windows 10 from my usb to my ssd it will said "windows can't find boot.exe" and idk how to fix it and when i press f8 it will just show me the same blue screen and have to just restart my pc

  6. I can't even boot up my laptop

  7. Owe you a pint sir.

  8. Thanks alot , it worked !

  9. Whenever I use the ‘bootrec /fixmbr’ command the system tells me, “The system cannot find the file specified.”

  10. My laptop restarts while booting windows. Even clean install windows is not possible upon reaching the installation part still reboots. I don't understand the issue as I've cleaned the heat sink and re applied thermal paste. So overheating is not the issue anymore .

  11. Also, on your demo, you are typing after sources>. Mine says windows system32>

  12. I also get access denied. Any solution yet?

  13. Access denied is showing

  14. This is not working for the latest update Brian. Sometimes my friends computer windows 10, just stays in a spinning circle and does not load up.

  15. When I try to boot from a thumb drive it still crashes

  16. What if I reset my PC and when it was installing window my PC shutdown and when it says install windows it restarts the PC then keeps saying it and repeating that

  17. my laptop is not booting it freeze and bsod at the same time its not restart even i use uefi it still the same

  18. do you know how to fix a ram that did not finish installing windows 10…. and my computer turns on then off then on and off what do i do?..please help!

  19. Pls help me

  20. My friend when I type in fix boot it says “access denied”

    I can’t install windows after every installation when is done it keeps freezing . I don’t know what to do please answer

  21. Please my windows 8.1 isn't showing me restart or advanced options after I changed the registry settings. I am just stucked in the error and it keeps on turning off after some few minutes. Please I need a solution

  22. i got bootrec /scanos = 0 and bootrec /fixboot = access denied. what now? :/

  23. Or you just bought a bunch of new parts for a fresh rebuild and got a lemon MSI MOBO… 🙁

  24. 2:22 lost me :/

  25. When you say things like UEFI and rebuild the whole fuckin drive, all i hear is "you watched too much porn, now you need a new computer"

  26. I’m trying to boot up my pc with a usb drive that has windows 10 on it but it says, usb drive not found. Can you please help ?

  27. Thank you so much , this saved me a lot of time.

  28. I need help m computer says that I have a boot disk error and that I need to insert a disk

  29. Hi

  30. What do i do when the Troubleshoot window doesn't even recognize my OS. This happened after a failed system restore

  31. Can u help me

  32. what do i do after it says succesfully scanned windows 10 installations

  33. thank you so much

  34. Wow ok so no clue on how to get to the BIOS screen? Im trying to fix my new windows 10 pc but can't even Access the bios screen.. I've already tried inserting a copy of Windows 10 in my dvd drive expecting it to read the disc but nothing is happening??

    Even tried keeping my finger on the shift button immediately after restarting the pc but again nothing? All I do see is the PC's logo after start up then the circle dot timer then after that a network icon in the bottom right corner? At my wit's end.

  35. Nothing works for me. Should I get new internal hard drive or new computer ?

  36. I fixed my problem by unplugging and repluging my sata cable cause it got loose

  37. doesn't work sir

  38. When I click “Repair you computer”
    It sends me to a purple screen and stays there. I can’t install either.

  39. What if you try all The options and still nothing work?? 😬😬

  40. Thanks boss!

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