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Why Your Drawings Are So Stiff

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  1. It’s so weird like sometimes I will draw so nice and then the next day I suck I don’t get it

  2. “We all have stiff drawings in our sketch books”
    Me: pleAsE lOoK aT mY skEtChbOoK

  3. Ok I see what’s going on here this girl is drawing ✍️ with a pen 🖊 and her drawings are stiff

  4. Her:”The BALLS represent as joints” Me:laughs weirdly

  5. This actually helped me a lot awhile back, especially with the spine part of the guidelines so thank you for that 😀

  6. This video should be call "Why are MY drawings so stiff" Stop telling people how to draw.

  7. She sounds like she about to cry everytime lol

  8. this video is so short yet taught so much

  9. I stand like the first one all of the time

  10. her: it used to take me 10 full minutes to draw a pose
    Me 45 minutes into drawing session: ok the head and neck are almost done i think i can move on to the torso

  11. Are you Karina Garcia, u sound like her

  12. So I did the stick figure pose and I heard something pop

  13. Thank you super helpful didn’t understand other tutorials



  16. I love drawing with pen! It actually improved my poses a lot. It helped me find a way to make good fluid poses and the stick figure method is actually what I use. It's a good method if you do it right

  17. Me:draws it
    My pose:it looks fat

  18. Oh no no no my drawings aren’t stiff

    It looks like sh-

  19. i loved your nails,and thanks for the helpful video. ;3;

  20. Stiff where bitch…

  21. "theres gonna be some major curvature in the spine"

    laughs in scoliosis

  22. Gosh dang i need to study gesture drawing. >:T

  23. 2:53
    Nautica: the balls actually represent joints.
    My dirty mind: O^O does that mean–

  24. You should probably work on your explanation methods…

  25. That moment of realisation: she drew a head with no circle.

  26. I'm sorry but even your pose drawings are look so unnatural

  27. I am offended i stand like that

  28. Oh no another furry

  29. 1st step: don’t draw with a pen 2: Profit

  30. The way she holds her pen is something I've never seen before

  31. She can draw in pen making no mistakes while i draw in pencil and have to erase stuff like 20 times.

  32. It's been 10 months since she upload a video
    I hope she is alive …

  33. This is sketchy AF

  34. * reads title *

    people who ask me for art: offended

  35. What the f*ck is a stick figure method…

  36. That hand draw freaking scared me

  37. You have just SAVED me. All my life, I've lived in darkness…and then you brought me out into the light. Really though, i can't believe it worked.

  38. I tried .. and the legs are TOOO THICCC .💀🤦🏽‍♀️

  39. Everybody else: she draws in pen

    Me: how does she draw in those acrylic nails?!

  40. I can’t draw the fingers and it’s stressing me out that I’m adout to cry 🤯🤯🤯

  41. Thank you for the vid!!

  42. How tf do you hold pens

  43. I drew my roblox avator XxXSad_SunFlowerXxX just like how u drew in the first one but more realistic but u helped me a lot i want to show a pick of my art work to u i just cant im only 11 and dont know how to use twitter or instagram WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  44. Hecc thanks ;;

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