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Why Isn't The Boruto Manga Weekly?

Many fans often ask why isn’t the Boruto manga weekly and a big reason for this question is they want the anime to eventually start covering the material in the manga. A lot of fans want to see the Boruto anime cover the Mujina Bandits Arc and eventually the current arc where the Kara organization makes it first major move.

Now with the latest Boruto manga chapter being right around the corner, I wanted to take the time to explain the full situation behind what is going on with Boruto from: the contracts that were signed, to the roles of those involved in the process, to the official reasons why the manga is not weekly and what the impact of the decision is.

Grab those ramen bowls and share this video with anyone you know who wants the Boruto manga to become weekly so the Boruto anime can move at a faster pace.
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  1. Kishimoto damn near had scoliosis all those years he was writing Naruto, Ikemoto probably saw him struggle, and thought “reminder to self, never do that again.”

  2. I got admit Boruto look way hotter than Naruto include his style.

  3. I expect at least 80 pages of boruto if it's a monthly manga.

  4. Because we will get overwhelmed by it's shit writing.

  5. Also a long movie for Naruto fans is not a bad idea at all think 🤔 about bro,so many people love SCARFACE and gues what,we both know that it’s one ☝️ of the few longest movie ever to come out.In the end one of the best

  6. All I know is that I’m a big Naruto fan so he needs to pick up the slack or he’s going to loose me and a lot of others

  7. … Just write a Years worth of chapters. Then take it easy as each chapter is released.

  8. Can you do a video on how much involvement kodachi has with the anime

  9. The real question is "WHY IS THE ANIME WEEKLY?"

  10. Why don t they have more people on manga i mean why don t they have few people drawing raw sketches and others who line up sketches

  11. nice

  12. Thank's for letting us know.

  13. Yeah, this is kinda why I became anime only. It'd be too long between manga chapters and I'd forget where the series left off. Also holy hell that work schedule is depressing…

  14. Or just find the" golden middle road" and Boruto should be released in every second week 🤔🤗

  15. Sup homie? Keep doin your thang. Much Love from FL.

  16. Idk why but I can’t wait for kawaki to meet Sasuke

  17. it's going bimonthly ^_^ @Naruto Explained

  18. I know only a little about both the anime and manga world and they're both very stressful where animators commit suicide because of overworking. Who feels it, knows it! So as much as regularity is nice, I won't want them risking their health just to please fans. Fans are should try to understand that this business isn't easy. If you really care about the manga/anime then you should care about the people who work on them.

    Patiently waiting on Hunter X Hunter!

  19. Being a mangaka is one of the most demanding and mentally taxing jobs ever. If Ikemoto and Kodachi need a monthly deadline, I'll happily accept that. They do good work and I want them to stay healthy even if the fans have to wait longer.

  20. 25 pg chapters every other week would be a perfect pace for the manga. It would really only be a couple extra pages per month but would allow for stronger storytelling, better paced fights, and a better anime adaptation

  21. I agree. Tbh I think Shueisha, wanted to see how the manga would do before putting like a bigger budget into them, but honestly, I think the Boruto manga have exceeded all of our expectations, mainly because everyone is always on their seat and demand Boruto to be more frequent. The Boruto manga has a lot of demand, as you said, the business incentive to increase the supply. Shueisha have been slowly putting Boruto in the forefront as it has only gotten better since it’s launch, I think Shueisha has very big plans for Boruto and are gonna capitalize on its success, Boruto could become the next One Piece of Japan, in terms of popularity its shockingly insane already. Also one thing to note, Japan doesn’t really care about the West, as long as a manga is good in Japan it’ll keep going(like Berserk). Also Naruto the anime and manga didn’t really “blow up” in the west until Shippūden, so I think as soon as the Boruto anime reaches its “Shippūden” the west will eat it up and that’s why they’re not to worried about Boruto not being too popular in the West right now, however compared to the average anime Boruto still have a large west fanbase. I agree with everything you said, and if they could give us about 30-35 pages every bi-week, and we get 60-70 pages a month, that will do great things. I honestly could see Boruto thriving more as a bi-weekly series than a weekly series because they’re manipulated the demand by creating suspense for people to wait an extra week to find out what’s going to happen next.

  22. These monthly issues are gay as fuck

  23. Bruh

  24. background music?

  25. golden week? really? i had such anticipation i completely forgot about that

  26. I get the health aspect but i have lost all interest in waiting a month for lackluster chapters

  27. Good vid I am really happy you did a vid on this

  28. Intense music in the background lmao

  29. Is it possible that they won’t let the anime catch up on purpose, to kill interest in Boruto to put more spotlight on samurai 8??

  30. IDK

    Looks like Samurai 8 beating boruto in everyway

    Might aswell skip to the timeskip an end it tbh

  31. Holy fuck mangakas need a union or something, how could a life with such hours be worth living

  32. The boruto anime is sooo boring rn

  33. Good news guys
    Boruto manga is going bimonthly that means we will get 1chapters per 2 weeks
    Or 2 chapters per month
    It was listed on vizmedia
    just google searched "Boruto Bimonthly".

  34. You asking for to much

  35. too bad Kodachi can't give us more meaningful arc. over 100 episodes in and boruto hasn't really gotten a decisive victory over anyone. how many time has he used the vanishing rasengan? how many times have they given us a training arc? why don't they shine the light on the Jougan for a little bit? they should at least show boruto trying to perfect jutsu. they want Boruto to presented as a genius yet he hasn't given us reason to believe he's a genius. hightlight the things that make him a genius and make it stand out in the story.

  36. It is not like boruto is gonna last as long as naruto or like it being monthly makes the writing better than naruto.

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