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What New Marine Corps Recruits Go Through In Boot Camp

We got an inside look at the United States Marine Corps’ intense 13-week basic training program. Senior video correspondent Graham Flanagan spent five days at the Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina, where he observed different companies at various stages of training.

Recruits endure a series of intense physical challenges such as entering a gas chamber, rappelling down a 47-foot-tower, and fighting each other with “pugil sticks.” The Marine Corps is the only US military branch that separates male and female recruits during basic training. In a statement to Business Insider, a spokesperson from the Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot at Parris Island said, “The same gender platoon model allows for appropriate acclimation to the training environment, development of key relationships with drill instructors, and optimal focus during the beginning of their transformation.”

After weeks of extreme physical and psychological challenges, training culminates with “The Crucible,” a 54-hour event where recruits endure exhausting combat scenarios while running on minimal food and sleep.

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What New Marine Corps Recruits Go Through In Boot Camp



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  1. Let’s be real here: The expectation and endurance for males in bootcamp is MASSIVELY higher than the females. Sure females have to do PT as well, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that females have the same tough training as the males. There is a reason the males and females are kept completely separate for training in the marines. Females: 40 to 50 pushups- Males: 50 to whenever your drill instructor says stop (100-200 depending on how bad of a day your drill instructor had)

  2. The guy in yellow sounds like a little kid raging in a COD lobby

  3. It’s like talking… But Louder

  4. The reason i watched this is because im planning to go to the marine core when i graduate college

  5. Don't think I could do this someone come in my face yelling I'm swinging but I know I'll get my ass handed to me😂

  6. 20k a year, seems legit for free training, free food and a place to stay

  7. Another reason why I appreciate the military .
    I mean marine corps .

  8. 5:53 you can see the pure disgust on his face

  9. 9:08 RECRUITS


  10. women should be banned from military.

  11. Would never & could never willingly sign up for this shit lmao

  12. why isn’t anyone wearing anything

  13. 00:07–00:14 me every year at tax time.

  14. Thank you for the subtitle.

  15. I actually feel really sorry for them😢

  16. Laughs in call of duty

  17. Wow this seems like pe lmao

  18. At 5:35 I was expecting to hear my mans call him a smooth skin lmaooooo

  19. Training for 2 years service and then 35 years as a traffic cop.

  20. I would never do this. I have bad eyesight and am almost blind without my glasses so even if I wanted to I would get kicked out lol

  21. My brother went here

  22. At 15:58 I know the 3 upside down V's = a Sargent but what do the crossing guns mean??

  23. OMG 5:38

  24. 0:58 Me trynna tell my dog to get out of my room

  25. and than comes the german wehrmacht hahha look at the "die rekrutinnen"

  26. Imagine going through this just to get shot at war and die.

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