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What It Takes To Survive Coast Guard Boot Camp

We spent four days inside the United States Coast Guard’s intense, eight-week basic training program in Cape May, New Jersey. Coast Guard recruits undergo an intense journey that’s heavy on both academic and physical challenges. What sets it apart are the brutal “smoke sessions,” where recruits are disciplined as a group for mistakes made by individuals in their respective companies. We were embedded at Training Center Cape May for four days, allowing us to see different companies at various stages of the program, culminating with the emotional graduation ceremony on the Friday of week eight. 

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What It Takes To Survive Coast Guard Boot Camp


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  1. Anyone gonna talk abought the advantage of being a girl in the army

  2. At least its better than the marine corps


  4. So I guess I’m not fit for this… I can’t even get yelled at by a librarian without getting scared.

  5. This is some sexist bullshit, screw this, only the guys get a hair cut?, girls have more time to finish 1.5 mile run, this is some unfair bullshit.

  6. Lmaooo what a joke

  7. They now allow floaties for the pool? Marines jump in with boots and uniform…..uggh

  8. I’ve had to tread water for 5 minutes for a swim test for crew (first time it went by slow)

  9. 14:08 lol

  10. Damn she is hella sexy.

  11. Buy stocks help us

  12. for any middle school swimer the first part is easy

  13. As a person who trains to join the navy seals this looks like child work to me

  14. lol the whole video exposes the sexism men face on a daily basis AND the vagina privilege wahmen have. Disgusting! They must shave their heads like men, they must do all exercises in the same time as men. This is discrimination! How dare wahmen get special treatment! They told us we were all equals, the same. So therefore wahmen get your asses ready! #Equality o:)

  15. 1645 iv seen that look before lmao on the real the blond drill did alot for her own pleasure theres a diffrence between for the recruit and for you here eyes were selfish

  16. All these people think they are a part of the military

  17. I swear coast gurad booty camp looks harder than joining the army .

  18. So women pass the training with lower requirements? Aren't they applying for the same job?

  19. Please do one of these for Air Force

  20. Man I can't help, but laugh at those drills man. LMAO

  21. Learn the basics of Coast-Guard language

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