Werder Bremen vs. Borussia Dortmund | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights

Watch full highlights between Werder Bremen vs. Borussia Dortmund.

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Werder Bremen vs. Borussia Dortmund | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights

FOX Soccer


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  1. Did you expect the outcome of this match-up?

  2. Haaland to Real Madrid

  3. Great time to be a Dortmund fan.

  4. Please Dortmund win the Bundesliga. Its boring seeing Bayern kept winning last several seasons.

  5. "Better late than never" idc if fox post late or on time at least they post it

  6. What a bomb from right foot from haaland. This boy….

  7. Ye

  8. Man that commentator really hated the first half

  9. Fox sport really sucks at making highlights, they even upload late. Football without Fox is much better


  11. Haland go to madrid!!!

  12. no fox soccer
    fox football

  13. In my country also wear yellow and black colour.We called oursslf the boss gaurus!!

  14. Not only was Haaland's finish great but his movement in the box was fantastic

  15. Me as a united fan:😭

  16. FOX Soccer where tf is the rb leipzig highlights

  17. U guys need to at least post the shots that almost went in

    That’s what Highlightts are dude

    And post FASTER



  19. I’ve got some tekkers if anyone’s interested in watching🤙

  20. I want Haaland in Barça soon 😯. BVB is the dark Horse in the Champions League. My Barça won't be winning it this year. They're not doing that well. 🙁

  21. Why posting late?!!

  22. Can we all agree that fox sucks, its a shame what they’re doing with these highlights

  23. Haaland…that boy good

  24. new monster soccer now the name Is Haland

  25. Count down till Fox Sports nolonger have Bundesliga, you're the worst broadcaster of Futbol/soccer!


  27. Erling Haaland still on fire 🔥 for more times

  28. Haaland great finisher, he could beat lewy in 2 years

  29. hey fox can u post the highlight on time!!, I've been waiting for highlight so long.. can u just do like bein sport did

  30. Trust me guys.. Bayern will buy this kid next season

  31. He should be on behalf of Suarez

  32. Erling built like a gatdamn Viking

  33. Haaland ist ein Monster !

  34. Haaland be like "PILLAGE AND PLUNDERING"

  35. Haaland is on 🔥! Go 🐝BVB🐝🙌!

  36. I love dortmund💛💛

  37. Haaland 🔥

  38. Haalands a complete machine 🔥🔥

    I did a video on Haaland 😍

  39. Håland is still being Håland. Sancho challenges Müller to be Bundesliga king of assist this season.

  40. HAHAHA

  41. imagine posting highlights of ALL the games on time

  42. Why do they post these a day late?

  43. that first chance that they showed was offside

  44. 哈兰德什么怪兽?

  45. Why so late uploads

  46. Go for the title Dortmund!🖤💛 Good performance!

  47. BVB🖤💛

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