WAN-BISSAKA? TWO-BISSAKA! Man United 2-0 Man City | Stephen Howson Fan Cam

Stephen Howson reacts to Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Manchester City. High praise for Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who Ste thought had Sterling in his pocket ALL game!

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  1. Lol 😂 Sterling has to text wan bisakka before he goes out 🤣🤣

  2. LASK WHO?

  3. Thank God my family were United not shitty.

  4. Kevin Owen?😄😄

  5. This guy looks and sounds like Kevin Owens😅

  6. First time I agree with everything that Howson says. Especially that about Ole! Good job lads!

  7. Now the only 2 managers that have beaten pep twice a season are Ole and Klopp

  8. They're lucky James is still young. If he made better decisions we should have gave them like 4-0 tbh

  9. This guy's spot on. OGS has definitely earned to be backed by everyone for the whole next season. At least.

  10. What a guy, spot on!

  11. Howson is so annoying. What a prick. GGMU

  12. Well said Stephen! I’ve backed ole from day 1 & not wavered once….. give him time & money & that man will make a difference.

  13. United won 2-0
    Man City are hurting
    Check Wan Bissakas pockets
    There’s Raheem Sterling

  14. Howson getting some free ad space for his other channel.

  15. Sterling 3rd best in the world, I remember when everyone was saying that, it’s actually hilarious when people overrate English players so much. He’s barley top 25, he’s a system player who misses so many tap ins but scores 1 in 5 chances. Ronaldo and neymar have been the best players in the world this season. Tbh neymar has been ridiculously good, I can’t believe how smooth he moves with the ball it’s actually crazy

  16. Bisakka is immense, brilliant buy from woodward, oh sorry cant mention his name when its a positive lmao

  17. One,two, three? Guys, Wan is 万 in Chinese which means ten thousands.

  18. Acting like you won the league at full time 😂

  19. Lindelöf was great tonight!

  20. Spider Wan Spider Wan
    Does whatever a spider can
    Spins a web any size Catches wingers just like flies
    Look out here comes our Spider Wan

  21. I was round a girls house and she asked if I had protection…

    I stuck on an Aaron wan-bissaka defending video

  22. "Let's go fuck dome people up next year"

  23. "Aaron, Do you have some Pound to lend me?"
    Aaron: "No,I only have Sterling in my pocket"

  24. absolutely love the comments. GGMU

  25. OUR NUMBER 9. Give the ball to Tony and he will score every time. Oui Monsieur, give the ball the Martial and he will score! There’s something that the Stratford End wants you to know. Best in the world it’s Anthony Martial! Our Number 9!!!!!!

  26. Wait a minute, is it just me or is that guy Kevin Owens from WWE 😂…

  27. The bloke in the background lookes like Jessi lingard

  28. what happens when you fall short next season again? spend more money? getting worse than city, ynwa

  29. fuck off all u fucking hamburgers u were all saying ole out now u all happy fuck off

  30. Why the guy with black goody speaking so fast🤣😂

  31. I feel man city did not care to much for this game, as they probably know they will not catch liverpool. Man city saving it for real

  32. congrats, you were better and see you next time.

  33. City probs let Utd win so they keep Ole 👌

  34. Raheem Sterling 3rd best player in the world 🤣🤣🤣 he isn't even the 3rd best player at City ffs

  35. Bring in Tim werner,Sancho,Grealish then this team vl fight for d title next season for sure

  36. Christ, in the space of a decade you've gone from "noisy neighbours" and "bitter Blues" to celebrating like you've won the title because you beat us in a match! lol
    WTF happened to United? Never in my lifetime did I think they'd become a laughing stock and those exact "bitter, noisy neighbours". SAF would never have let this giddiness happen!

  37. Those DSquared caps there looking fucking abysmal 😂😂

  38. Lol citeh pin you in and you think your great keep it going numpties

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