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Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City | 越南 胡志明市 – Saigon Zoo and Botanic Gardens | 西贡动物园及植物园 (Part 1)

Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City District 1 | 越南 胡志明市
Part 1 第一部分: :

Saigon Zoo & Botanic Gardens, Notre Dame, General Post Office, City Museum, …
西贡动物园及植物园, 圣母院, 邮政总局, 胡志明市博物馆 …

Visited 29/09/2013

Places & Stop-overs include:
1) Saigon Zoo & Botanic Gardens 西贡动物园及植物园: view its beautiful bonsai 盆栽, wonderful birds and monkeys!
2) Notre Dame 圣母院
3) General Post Office 邮政总局: view its impressive architecture and elaborate ceiling!
4) Reunification Museum 统一博物馆 (pass by only)
5) People Committee Building 人委员会建筑 (pass by only)
6) City Museum 胡志明市 博物馆: view war vehicles in museum’s outer yard
7) Opera House 歌剧院 (pass by only)
8) Mei Linh Square near Saigon River 西贡河附近: view statue 雕像 of Tran Hung Dao; Warning: It can be very difficult to cross the highway to Mei Linh Square , and to Saigon River !

Thank God for my company’s short break to this city. Love the very tall trees in vicinity between Reunification Museum and Notre Dame! Love the cashew nuts and lotus seeds purchased from Ben Thanh Market, but no photo of these nuts and Ben Thanh Market though!

Only regret and a lesson learnt was not to drink any Evian water in hotel’s room — or you will end up being charged 4X cost of Evian bottled water by the hotel during your checkout at reception counter!


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