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Learning SQL Tutorial – Part 11 — Where Clause — Boolean Logic with AND

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  1. you are a life saver

  2. Backup_every_hour = True #@param {type:"boolean"}
    How do I remove the underscores and keep it with spaces? I don't like how it shows on the checkbox

  3. You are awesome YK, I am familiar with python, but I go back to your videos to remember ways to make the code cleaner

  4. This is how I did it….
    c = 7
    d = 4
    e = 2

    def c_greater_than_d_plus_e(c,d,e):
    return c > d + e #true
    return c < d + e #false


  5. c=int(input("Enter a Integer Number for C : "))

    d=int(input("Enter a Integer Number for D : "))

    e=int(input("Enter a Integer Number for E : "))

    def func(c,d,e):

    if c > d and c > e:


    print("C is Greater Then D and E")



    print("C is Not Greater Then D and E")


  6. 19 really dumb people have watched this!

  7. In pycharm:

    def c_is_greater_than_d_plus_e(c, d, e):
    return c > d + e

    if c_is_greater_than_d_plus_e(6, 2, 1):

  8. def c_greater_than_d_plus_c(c, d, e):
    return c > d + e

    edit: got it!

  9. amazing slow and simple perfect thank you so much

  10. So incase of integers…we don't need to insert true or false inside the brackets??? It juz automatically shows true or false if condition is met?

  11. #fuction 3 regards from bolivia
    def are_you_sad(if_rainy,has_umbrella):

    if if_rainy and not has_umbrella:

    return True



    if are_you_sad(True,False):

    print("ohhhhh sorry tomorrow will be your best day")


    print("it not the best day but smile")

  12. a=3


    if True:

    print("a is the number greater than b")
    ####even a<b the output is "a is the number greater than than b"…….

  13. What about float I mean real numbers🤐🤐

  14. def if_c_is_greater_than_d_plus_e(c, d, e):

    return c > (d + e)

    print(if_c_is_greater_than_d_plus_e(70, 80, -10))

  15. Try_again = True

    def is_CS_Dojo_awesome(makes_videos, is_mean, helped_me):

    if makes_videos == True and is_mean == False and helped_me == True:
    return True
    return Try_again

  16. Which software do you use to explain the concepts. The software with black background not jupiter notebook

  17. I appreciate your videos and I try my best to watch them all the time
    I have a question when can I start coding
    When can I try to write script or so on and I'm by the Boolean lesson 11 now

  18. Thanks a lot

  19. 1.1k likes to 11 dislikes. LOL

  20. YK, YOU are the best!

  21. please explain AI Programming in python

  22. Plz regression topic can u clear.

  23. please tell me when return is used and print is used!! I'm a bit confused between them

  24. CS Dojo: Can return be used to return a number other than True or False. Let's say return C, else D ?

  25. Why Microsoft and not Orange? or Lemon or Berry? hahahahahaha…

  26. Please tell difference between return and yield

  27. Hey, if you could cover arrays in python it would be awesome !!!

  28. Good job, YK!

  29. Make a video about github. I really don't know how to use that platform.

  30. When you have if True youll always get the string printed? I dont understand why if a > b is the saame as if True , I mean its the same because if a is greater than b you will print that and if True always print whatever you expect to be printed right?

  31. Thanks for these videos.

  32. def c_greater_than_d_plus_e(c, d, e):

    if c > (d + e):

    return True


    return False





  33. That doesn't work in python.. Doesn't it?

  34. Thank you sir… 🙂

  35. def c_greater_than_d_plus_e(c, d, e):
    return c > d + e

  36. list of the order of computation as c > d+e without parenthesis bothered me a little:

  37. hello! kindly explain how to use loops in Python. i want to repeat my code unless i give it command to stop.
    simply i want a replacement for do-while loop in c++.

  38. if you are not using Jupyter Notebook and just a regular ide make sure you use print to return true or false!!!

  39. I have a question. In line 6 you didnt mentioned a,b then how you got the output?plz help

  40. Hayy,Please give tutorial on python debugging

  41. Love the problems you give within the videos! Thank you!

  42. could you also make a video on how to use Python and SQL, and when someone might do so

  43. would be great to see a video on how best to use Python for data analysis

  44. If I put integers on the are_you_sad(a,b), it gives me some different results.
    For example,
    1. are_you_sad(0, 'any integers') always gives me 0.
    2. are_you_sad(1,0) gives me True.
    (From here, I guessed that integer 1 means True for Boolean and 0(or any other integers except 1) means False)
    3. are_you_sad(2,2) gives me False.

    For the logical expressions, does the integer 1 means True and any other integers but 1 means False?
    Also, can you explain why are_you_sad(0,10) gives me 0, not False?

  45. I'm pretty sure CS Dojo did 911. You can see it at 7:30 if you square all the numbers in the brackets. Kind of scary…

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