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USB UEFI Boot – How to Create a Win7 UEFI USB Boot Disk

Demonstrate how to create a UEFI Boot Disk for Windows 7 on a USB Thumb Drive or USB External Hard Drive. Below are the step by step instructions.

1) Download and install 7-Zip (get it here
2) Extract the files from DVD or ISO file
3) Partition your USB Drive (optional)
a. Open Command Window (CMD) as administrator
b. diskpart
c. list disk
d. select disk NUMBER
e. clean
f. create Partition Primary
g. select Partition 1
h. active
i. format quick fs=FAT32
j. assign
j. exit
4) Copy files from DVD or ISO to USB Drive
5) Make a directory “/efi/boot” on the USB Drive
6) Go to “/source/install.wim” open archive with 7-zip
a. In the archive go to “/1/Windows/boot/efi”
b. Copy file bootmgfw.efi to “/efi/boot” on USB Drive
7) Rename bootmgfw.efi to bootx64.efi in “/efi/boot”
8) Copy Files from “/efi/microsoft/boot” TO “/efi/boot”

Nguồn: https://truonggiabinh.com

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  1. Great tutorial! No time-wasting pauses, no straying from the point, just as a tutorial should be.

  2. youre awesome dude, thanks!!! Just installed win 7 in my linux based driver

  3. you are the best

  4. still work in 2020, thank you so much

  5. this didn't work

  6. Will it work for win 7 32 bit as well?

  7. It worked for me (Win 7 Home x64)

  8. does not work on the lenovo MIIX300 tablet

  9. infinite loading

  10. work on me thanks men how can we check if its uefi after format 😀

  11. no ufi folder

  12. In case anyone is still trying to use this video: I don't think he said explicitly but this only works with x64 versions of win 7 (thus the x64 part of the file name bootx64.efi). If you can't find any EFI folders or files it's probably because you're looking at a 32 bit version.

  13. Please would you consider making a video on how to make a gparted live UEFI bootable USB stick, it would be so very useful to many, thanks.

  14. great!!!

  15. Thank you worked
     for me

  16. Thanks to you, I prepped the USB thumb drive correctly and the Boot Options saw it as a UEFI USB, but for some reason my HP Z230 would not find the target HDD while in UEFI Mode even tough it was listed in the UEFI boot order. (I reset the bios, enabled UEFI, disabled Secure boot, disabled fast boot and set Sata to AHCI and unalllocated the HDD) This is the error I was getting: https://www.technopat.net/sosyal/eklenti/cats-jpg.50105/

    I WAS able to install from the UEFI USB to a GPT, but only in Legacy Mode. This also allowed me to enable Fast Boot. BUT, on bootup, I was getting a strange green status bar with "Microsoft Corporation" below it, instead of the "Windows Starting" animated flag colors. So I clean installed again in Legacy Mode and this time in MBR. I really wish I could boot in UEFI mode for the sake of a faster boot. Why doesn't UEFI mode see the HDD/SSD??

  17. Can I use a USB 3.0 thumb drive in a USB 2.0 port and not include the USB 3.0 drivers? Or must it be a USB 2.0 thumb drive if I don't want to include the USB drivers? (I don't have a USB 2.0 thumb drive large that's large enough) Thanks so much.

  18. i am unable to find SOURCESINSTALL.WIM1WindowsBoot…….

    ……… means efi folder

  19. doesn't work

  20. Please Anyone give me hole efi folder .
    Please I delete my win 7 efi folder by mistake .

  21. Best video

  22. install.wim won't open with 7zip and winrar

  23. good job

  24. I can´t see this efi folder: a. In the archive go to “/1/Windows/boot/efi”

  25. I'm stuck. Windows in boot option recogize my drive, but when i click enter, i'm continusly seeing Windows bootup Image stopped. Help?

  26. Thanks for he tutorial, i followed all the steps but, when i reboot the computer it does not start from the USB there is an error.i am using Dell latitude 5480. i will appeciate your help

  27. Couldn't find efi in 1/windows/boot/

  28. Please! I have two windows 7, but I don't find EFI folder in sourcesinstall.wim1windowsboot
    Can you help me, or send me this version of windows 7
    My email address is: baitibbouh@gmail.com
    Thank you so much!

  29. Wow, Thank you so much. I was hitting my head against a wall trying to get a recovery disk to run – – running the normal recovery disks on the UEFI without doing these steps runs fine until you try to repair at which point it tells you the OS version is incorrect. As soon as I added the extra steps to the recovery disk it worked perfectly — Thank you Again!

  30. Man, you're stunning, amazing, thanks a lot

  31. Holy crap thank you it actually works

  32. data error trying to extract the files to a folder

  33. Hey Guys. When I try to extract "install.wim" file it's given me a error mensage, it's something like: "user held no privileges to …". Is that because I am trying to extract it from a windows 8.1 ISO instead of Windows 7 ISO like the video does ? I used 7zip to extract it …

  34. No efi folder?
    Find on another folder, like "6/windows/boot/efi"

  35. I appreciate man, thanks it works! ❤😘

  36. will this method works for booting on a mac?

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