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USB UEFI Boot – How to Create a Win10 UEFI USB Boot Disk

Demonstrate how to create a UEFI Boot Disk for Windows 10 on a USB Thumb Drive or USB External Hard Drive. Below are the step by step instructions.

1) You need at least an 8GB USB Drive
2) Download and install 7-Zip (get it here
3) Extract the files from DVD or ISO file
4) Partition your USB Drive (optional)
a. Open Command Window (CMD) as administrator
b. diskpart
c. list disk
d. select disk NUMBER
e. clean
f. create Partition Primary
g. select Partition 1
h. active
i. format quick fs=FAT32
j. assign
k. exit
5) Copy files from DVD or ISO to USB Drive
6) Verify file bootx64.efi is in /efi/boot
7) Copy Files from “/efi/microsoft/boot” TO “/efi/boot”

Nguồn: https://truonggiabinh.com

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  1. Osm dude. It worked

  2. did you convert first your USB f-drive into gpt?

  3. Hi I need the bootx64.efi file for windows 10 can you help I have been stock with a customers laptop for days now

  4. OMG Thx, You are the besttttt

  5. where can i download the file uyou extracted, i cant seem to find it.

  6. It work 100% for me, thank you

  7. only for this, I love you <3

  8. Is this going to try to reinstall windows on my pc or will it boot my pc that already has windows 10

  9. can i have python in this ? python inside the efi shell and access subprocess things

  10. ThankYou bro, I have waste too much time in other ways, But you save my time thanxx

  11. if i copy direct from DVD work it correctly?

  12. Converting thumb drive mbr into gpt isnt necessary?

  13. FINALLY found someone I can understand!!!! This topic is greatly overpopulated by people with VERY heavy accents….and a few robovoices. Ugh.

  14. How would you do this without a windows computer I have been trying to fix my computer for days now 🙁

  15. This is working for the tablet too? Because i have the same problem whit mi tablet….

  16. Why when i zip mi Win 10 give me an erore and when is done not all the file are there like you have it, wich win 10 i have too use??

  17. why FAT32 and not NTFS?

  18. I didn't actually extract, just copied my iso to a file and then copied the files from my original iso I not the files on my usb and bam! it worked, thanks again.

  19. thanks so much, this even worked for a kangaroo pc!!!

  20. Thanks you for providing this data. I have been fighting with a efi only computer.

  21. What the fuck, show us how the boot process is involved to get the UEFI partition

  22. Thanks for providing this. Adding some other links for people in the beginning of this process. I'm not trying to claim any is better, just propogating alternatives. 

    One alternative, which should be simpler for most folks … http://www.windowscentral.com/how-create-windows-10-usb-installation … NOTE: I haven't done my install yet, so I can't verify it worked. I'll post back if I have any issues with using Rufus.

    A page that combines information from both processes, for people who do better with textual instructions rather than videos, this page link shows both this method (as the "manual" method) as well as using Rufus.


  23. step 7 is not needed

  24. If you are using Windows 8+ you can just mount ISO by double clicking on it

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