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USB rescue : Ghost + Windows 10 Mini + Boot

How to create a USB Boot rescue and Ghost tool
Ghost :
WinBuilder : win10se.cwcodes.net
Rufus : rufus.ie Thanks for watching, don’t forget like and subscribe at


Ngày 27/03/2020 | Giải Trí Việt Kênh Số 2 Ngày 27/03/2020

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  1. hi
    wher is the outher files
    its only Ghost in there zip file you send


  3. useless with win10. Backup is possible, but restored Image or Clone is not working any more since Windows 10. You should try this before you make such a video!

  4. thanks

  5. 👍👍

  6. I'm waiting for your video "image programs "

  7. Nice Jop Pro Thank

  8. Puedes hacer uno igual miniwindows en español también por favor ? Gracias

  9. Gracias x tu ayuda amigo esta muy interesante dime windows esta en inglés o también se puede escoger el idioma español cuando se instale?

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