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Unboxing Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship Dab Rig & Vodka Glass Vallure Bong (PLUS MORE!) – The Bud Bar

Unboxing Snoop Dogg Pounds “Battleship”,Vodka Glass Vallure Bong, Linx Gaia Vaporizer, YoCan Evolve Plus XL, Atomik Miranda, Two Famous X Glass Bubbler Water Pipes, Famous X Spoon Pipe, Three Famous X Grinders, Jay and Silent Bob Wall Rolling Tray, Raw Cones.

Discount Link:
Discount Code: CCR10$

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Hosts: Pot Professor, Alex Pereira
Shot by: Chris Monteiro
Editor: Alex Pereira

Instagram: canadiancannabisreviews420

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  1. Discount Link: https://blitzedbongs.com/discount/CCR10$

  2. Yall need to post more

  3. More of this👏👏👏👏

  4. i subed..cool videos…sub me back ,,,thanks

  5. Awesome video and very hilarious!

  6. Yo I really enjoyed your video I hope you do more of them like this you guys have a good chemistry and i think you could do a lot on this platform!

  7. Nobody realizes they got to high to show the snoop dog box

  8. Insane that you guys have under 1,000 subs for the amount of quality content y’all put out

  9. I am so fucking rangy snoop dog gave you bongs but not me

  10. Love you guys !!! Wish i could hang with ya !!!

  11. Very good video and reviews keep the clouds going brother

  12. Nice

  13. get these at dabrigcentral.com 15% off using the code 15OFF

  14. just found your channel today, looking forward to seeing more content boys😈

  15. Would love a review of tragically hip backed “UP” products on OCS!

  16. BAKED!

  17. Solid Sesh

  18. Welcome back guys

  19. Like your video so much

  20. I just checked for.new vids and saw this…….didn't come up in my subscriptions…hmm

  21. Damn that's some nice glass

  22. Haven't seen you two doing strain reviews in a while on this channel. I'll have to try the hand-held glass water pipe. Two wild and crazy guys having fun. I also trust your opinion.

  23. Nice!

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