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UEFI Boot | How to Boot From USB Flash Drive (USB Device Not Listed in Boot Order : Solved)

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In this video I will be showing you how to change your BIOS settings to boot from a USB device if for some reasons you do not see your USB device in the list of possible boot devices, this is a common problem in the more recent pavilion series of Hp laptops. To solve this problem, go to your BIOS using the required function key or ESC key, go to the system configuration tab and move down to boot options and hit enter. Then go to legacy support and change it to “enabled”.
Then using your arrow key go down to your USB device under the UEFI boot order and use the required function key to move the USB device to the top of the boot order, then use the F10 Key to save an exit.
Now you may see this DOS page asking you to enter a certain code and hit the enter key to complete the process, after that the Windows installation will start loading.

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  2. If a eindows is already installed will u loose it cuz of changing legacy?

  3. What if hdd is gpt style and usb win7 installer is mbr?

  4. how can i boot iso image throw usb

  5. Hi i tryed to install windows 10 home by using sandisk and i performed diskpart clean by using shift+f10 but after this it showing reboot and select proper boot device what to do now please suggest us and our hard disk is sata ct and cd is not working and sandisk is connected please tell what to do? And our system is gigabyte dual uefi bios


  7. Thanks with your simple tips bro it helps me even though I know the process there's a possibility that I forgot something 😀

  8. Simply Informed

  9. thanks very useful it worked!

  10. Thank u so much 😊 it worked for me

  11. Sir I can't boot phoenix in my hp i3 7thgen sir please solve my problem I install phoenix and I I change boot menu but in my PC no after restart or start no option of Phoenix or windows directly windows run please sir help me

  12. Hello…

    Please, I have a lenovo ideapad 100s- 11BY… and I can't do this from the bios setup… I tried several times but no use!!
    Please help me, the bootable usb flash drive doesn't work and never shows up.

  13. Dear Sir. I don't have any option like that in my BIOS. it is old MSI MS-7125 K8N Neo4 motherboard. which I'm trying to turn in to Chromebox. I created Chrome OS USB, but I can't boot from USB.
    The only option I have is USB support and it is set to ON. From boot sequence I have USB Floppy drive but it is not working. Please help. Thank you.

  14. I have a 2003 e_ machine running factory win xp olly bios will not give me any boot option for boot from usb . HELP

  15. how to fix not force boot usb when u insert usb device please reply?

  16. What about acer laptop??

  17. Clear and usefull, thank you very very much !!!

  18. Intel Virtual Tech not found in Bios ! What this cause plz help last Bios update 2006/

  19. Do all USB flash drives displayed as "USB diskette"?

  20. I have a hard drive and I'm trying to switch my os to Linux but even when I do what you did it still boots to windows

  21. So I need a usb with windows?

  22. One of my pendrive is not showing in boot menu, should this be issue with pendrive

  23. Thanks for your guidance but unfortunately I've window 7 professional, here the whole scenario is different, would you like comment on it how to add usb option for window 7.

  24. What about hp desktop brings an error message no bootable device

  25. Thank you, I had missed the Code number step 👍👍👍

    Great simple explanation!

  26. U are my saviors

  27. Thank you, I had missed the f6 step to move the usb device up in the boot list👍👍👍
    Great simple explanation!

  28. Is that Uganda accent?

  29. I cannot get boot option priorites plz help

  30. very helpful and explained in a simple way… Thank you

  31. Good Job, Worked for me……..

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