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Tu Vi Hang Ngày 1/5/2020 5 Con Giáp Được THẦN TÀI Ghé Thăm, Tiền Bạc Ập Tới. Đầu Tháng Lĩnh Thưởng

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  1. Hey Rob-BobTV…FYI….https://youtu.be/k-cDHiDO9tM

  2. I, too, have a problem with 'feelings' when it comes to politicians who were elected to be public servants. I can look over the opinions, but credibility means you bring FACTS and a historical prospective. Joe Biden's record indicates he is a straight up racist and all the DNC is doing is trying to pit one mean-muggin' racist against a smile-in-your-face racist.


  4. Bob you sound like you caping for her. I understand, but we need to start putting these black people on blast when they "go against the grain". We all know that, Joe Biden & Bernie Sanders, are bigots and old do you really think they are going to change their stance..I think not! Basically all of the President candidates are not for, #ADOS, with exception, of Marianne Williamson, seems to be the more consistent candidate from day one.

  5. She can't be that bright caping for Joe Biden!

  6. Screw her, she is a puppet for the white masa she's caping for!

  7. Don't get caught up in any male female talk about what they look like or that you find them attractive. Your going to invalidate your platform. This is not the place to refer to women that way. Your making huge mistakes.

  8. Hey Bob
    Chill out with complimenting these women, especially in these times.

  9. GREAT VIDEO! Thank you for showing and comparing how Biden and Trump are pretty much the same in policy. No different than Hillary Clinton, RACIST WITH FUCKED UP POLICY. The woman can't even wear her OWN hair/texture. Sad AF.

  10. @BOB TV Yeah, I like Brooke, too, but I didn’t like her statements on Biden either. We definitely agree on this one, Rob.

  11. He needs to apologize, and if he has changed, he needs to fix
    That crime bill, get our brothers out of jail now.

  12. I keep trying to give her a chance, because she's one of few regular black anchors on TYT, and for some reason her coworkers seem to be very fond of her??? But most things about her rubs me the wrong way… the petty feelings I have are – her annoying voice (I usually skip over the part where she's talking because, intelligent statements from her are far and few between ) and the way she either disagrees with a co-anchor (just to have an opposite side), or she has a way of saying what the other co-host is saying, just in a different way… she also likes to say "You know what I'm saying" (most of the time, I really don't).

  13. I like my racist white the friendly way 🙂

  14. MSTYT

  15. Don't care for her much . She really is dumb . Sorry she just is . She can pick the basics but beyond that . Nothing .

  16. I agree Brooke is fine as hell but her defending Biden there was absolutely disgusting. I don’t think that you calling her honey and sugarplum is necessarily gross but it is unprofessional, and in general we should try to have respect and not offend people. That is offensive to and understandably unwelcome from most youngish women today. Especially because she doesn’t know you personally and inevitably as a woman (and in her position) she’s dealt with a lot of bullshit from men. If she was my daughter or sister I’d tell her to demand total respect and not be dumb, if you think men are being creepy or disrespectful they probably are, so check them. She did right.

    But again, her defense of Biden was intellectually pathetic and morally inexcusable. Nothing you said could even remotely be described as near as offensive as her comments were. It was disappointing.

  17. I don't care what none of y'all say; I would knock her up twice in one year. No they're out for big game. Are these wenches seriously auditioning for Master Wizard Biden Black Girlfriend? Damn.

  18. Wow. So you know she doesn't like those terms and you are using them anyway? You really need to reflect on that.

    It is obviously not meant to show endearment, appreciation or respect since you are doing it inspite of being told it is offensive. You are doing it just to get your own way out of a sense of male entitlement. You aren't on a date with her. There is no place to discuss someone's appearance in a professional context. It is dismissive and thus disrespectful.

  19. Is this lady #ADOS cuz why she carrying water for other people that's what's wrong with the black community we always want to carry water for other people we got our own problems or unless she is a child from immigrant parents like joy ann reid and why she talking about all this did she say anything about reparations #ADOS

  20. I like most of Brooke's commentary. Overall, she cool. Buck dancing for Biden is some sucka shit tho. Tyt is weird now. btw…. Tulsi 2020

  21. C'mon Rob don't back track just bc she responded. She's brilliant? That's a huge stretch! She's wrong. Shes not a progressive. And for the last time she's not attractive! Lol.

  22. Brooke is just getting her bread buttered. Doesn’t matter to her if she sells us out for the butter.

  23. I am doubling down Bob, she's an airhead.

  24. I'll say it…Brooke is a Sell Out. It's a shame that such accomplished Sistahs like Brooke and Symone are out there hustling to preserve White supremacy.

    How does she reconcile her allegiance to Biden with the reality that this white racist policymaker did so much to wrongfully lock up so many Sistahs and Mothers too.

    And please get off the feminist high horse. She maybe should maybe take a gander at Biden's track record on Anita Hill.

  25. You can be a man and from the hood and not degrade women. If they are saying don't do it because it's harassing, then don't excuse it. Had nothing to do with political correctness. If you think Joe Biden shouldn't treat women like that… you shouldn't either.

    It's gross AF, brotha. Nobody wanna hear your wet lips salivating over young Black women….

  26. Yeah bob you a 💯 and I know you don’t mean harm calling her baby or honeyplum but these people will use Anything to attack you because the substance of what you talking about can’t be refuted she defended Biden you made her like a clown and she gonna cling on too a couple words you called her to obfuscate from the facts of Biden’s terrible record and I wonder if she’s going to show you the video of joe Biden talking to donors about how immigration is bad and he voted for a fence and a wall now me as a Hispanic man first generation American I think we need to secure the borders use technology to stop the cartels from building holes and bringing in drugs and have a pathway to citizen ship but America has a debt to ados and native Americans and some Asian communities they don’t owe Hispanics shit don’t separate the kids be humane but if someone is here illegally they gotta go bernie can’t pass his lefty agenda if people still coming in illegally or over staying visas

  27. Barack did not change Joe. I'm wondering about Joe's impact on Obama and his no-black agenda.

  28. We will fight her Bob! Hold our beer!

  29. Next thing you know, she and others like her will be calling you a racist, Bob.

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