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Tram ride around Ho Chi Minh City's Saigon Zoo & Botanical Garden

Let’s take a tram ride for 20,000vnd around Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden!
– it’s a zoo, easily accessible, i walked from Benh Than Market to here, about half hour, max an hour. when you face the botanical science research centre turn left, walking along the primary school and the zoo is on the right.
– it was around noon so animals starting waking up around 2pm.
– feeding time for the tigers, lions is at 3pm.
– families bring their pinic map and sit on the grass, enjoying family time. you can sit anywhere and the place is very litter free.
– its a big place, the zoo and botanical gardens so i took around 4-5 hours and i didn’t even visit the crocodiles, lost my way.
– kid friendly with mini amusement park rides
– there are many ice cream and drinks stalls. one main eating place near the entrance serves up full meals e.g. chicken and rice.


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