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Train like an Athlete Interval Training – At Home Cardio and Toning Boot Camp

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Cầu thủ nhí | Vòng tuyển sinh miền Bắc | Tập 1 | 15/08/2015 | HTV

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  1. i do like this but at the same time it hardddd

  2. I have added your video to my article please check it out here.


  3. Hi, I'm a sedentary computer developer, and a 40-years-old woman that was always bad at physical activities in general.

    Since I had my daughter, I have been in worse shape than ever. So I decided to try this workout because I was looking for something that I could do at home with no equipment. However, I had to pause 4 times, for at least 3 minutes, just to recover my breath. I simply couldn't do the crisscross crunches and the back bow crossovers, my body just don't move that way no matter how much I want it. And in the end of the workout, I was about to throw up.

    I know I don't have any cardiac or respiratory conditions, just low blood pressure and a little bit of anemia (but I'm already taking an iron supplement for that). I'm just deeply, deeply out of shape.

    If I continue trying, will this eventually become easier? Should I start with a different workout?
    I would really appreciate some advice.

  4. Daniel you killed it with this workout! The last set was the hardest for me! I think my arms have a long way to go haha. Thank you Fitness Blender!

  5. Should I go on a run before and then do this?

  6. Awesome bro

  7. its a warm up for me

  8. Nice warm up 🙂

  9. I love this workout your talking makes me forget that it is 40 seconds thank you .

  10. Can i get 2000 kcal workout

  11. Hi,
    Impressive video!
    Have a good evening 😀

  12. I love this bastardo

  13. 060717

  14. the word “relax” is so out of place 😀

  15. cheese for dinner yum I eat jyst cheese just cheese nothing eles

  16. good and amazing men

  17. how many times per week for this?

  18. It's a very good workout but there is wayyy to much talking when you doing it day after day the guy talking is becoming annoying but seriously thank you for this workout

  19. Feels good

  20. this was nice and tough workout complete

  21. Whew!  All the exercises I used to do in a boot-camp class I took years ago!

  22. Das sind tolle uebungen für in der Vorbereitung.

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