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Top 50 Studio Bones OP / ED [2011-2017]

Theme songs (with videos considered) from the anime studio Bones ranked through my personal opinion. This includes openings and endings. This is only from 2011 to 2017, I have a previous Bones list for OP/EDs of 2001-2010 linked on the end card. This is themes from the winter 2011 up to the fall 2017 season, when this video has been made.

I do not own the audiovisual content featured in this presentation.

The songs and footage in this video belong to all of the many respective owners of the content in each video used, and I will not be monetizing them. This video falls under ‘Fair Use’, so please do not try to terminate this video as I have only used samples so I have an argument to dispute any potential copyright strike.

Anime and their relevant sequels/OVAs featured (alphabetical order):
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season
Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Bungou Stray Dogs
Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season
Captain Earth
Concrete Revolutio
Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song
Eureka Seven AO
Hitsugi no Chaika
Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle
Kekkai Sensen
Kekkai Sensen & Beyond
Mob Psycho 100
Noragami Aragoto
Show By Rock!!
Show By Rock!! #
Soul Eater: Repeat Show (2nd Cour Only)
Soul Eater NOT!
Space Dandy
Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto (2nd Cour Only)
Zetsuen no Tempest

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  1. I was waiting for an fma and fmab op but then saw the title lol

  2. I salute thee for having both the Kekkai Sensen op and ed in the top 3

  3. Please make one for A-1 Pictures!!!

  4. Where's Op and Ed Bungou stray dogs?! *hang in there
    *see in #33, #16, #10 and #7
    WHOAA thanks 😆😂

  5. I agree with the 1st pick

  6. wowowowoowowowo hold it right there WHERE THE HELL IS FMAB or FMA?

  7. Thanks for including No.6 in this list

  8. Zetsuen no tempest ED 2 must be higher ranking


  10. happy that mob psycho 100 and Kekkai sensen ranked top ❤️❤️

  11. Surprised the last Hero Acca ED didn't rank higher. The novelty of seeing the characters in a fantasy-beat-the-demon-lord-situation just makes me feel good lol :3

  12. Nice video

  13. Completely agree with #1 and #2, but I was expecting #49 to be higher. I love the part where deku starts crying. Gets me so emotional!

  14. Studio Bones is my favorite

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