Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Share New Update On Their Coronavirus | TODAY

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  1. lol his wife is Mrs. Wilson

  2. Remember Ashcraft tom. I thought you did. we do to

  3. Illuminati king right here. His son wears the war paint. They are coming for you Forest

  4. Tom Hanks; tons of cash and access to serious medical attention and clean vaccines and medicine
    Italy; fucked
    Rest of the world with overrun hospitals and overspent governments;

  5. I hope they beat the virus and everyone else thats affected by it.

  6. Tom Hanks is a sick Freemason. There is no virus, we are living in the middle of the Tribulation! Get ready for some craziness to start happening!

  7. Dont worry Tom…if ur gold digger wife takes ur loser son

    U have wilson for company

  8. Ummm, can we just talk about the fact that his son is a whole, fucking MEAL??! 😳🥘 #IWasntReady

  9. Wtf so proud to be an Illuminati and not afraid to let everyone know by tattooing that shit right in the middle of his chest good for you Mr Hanks I’m sorry to hear your parents caught that deadly virus even though you guys were behind it and it was only meant for the “poor and ordinary” to catch and get killed

  10. Look at this wannabe thug… Rich kid… Hard to believe this is woody's kid… This guy grew up in the Hollywood Hills… Embarrassing his parents like that.

  11. Prayer for Mr. and Mrs. Hanks and everyone!!

  12. I’m sending prayers to both of them……and what about the normal public?

  13. Hope you both get well soon !

  14. for crying out loud its just a F-ing cold flu LOL

  15. Professional actor.

  16. Didn't know they had another son Chet

  17. Drink lots of hot tea be safe try to avoid any kind of love making to not spread it back and fourth to each other just in case be safe in all ways and my prayers are with you both with lots of love get well we as all your fans need you around to make us all in the world laugh in life .

  18. Hello Everyone
    I hope Tom and his wife , could recover
    To keep continue making more movies
    God Bless you all always Infinity

  19. And until there’s a vaccine, you can be infected again and again and again.

  20. I’ll bet that everyone on the planet has it……xoxo

  21. Fact Check Correction: The President of Hollywood is in fact Donald Trump not Tom Hanks. Also I’m happy to hear from their bare chested unconcerned son that they aren’t tripping. Jeez talk about cringe. WTF is wrong with these people??

  22. Tom Hanks looks high as shit tho 😂

  23. Sorry, not sorry won't miss those satanists

  24. 😉💜💙💚💛❤😧

  25. No one is exempt!

  26. OMG like they are the first people to get it!! What about all the other people that are sick, especially the ones that don't get proper healthcare, or are homeless even? Why the hell is everyone so concerned and making such a big deal about these two?!! Here we go again with Hollywood and it's self absorbed elite being treated like they are gods.

  27. Hey put a shirt on before making a video to talk about your parents, nobody wants to see naked chest full of Evil Mess Up Illuminati Tattoos, OK!!!

  28. RIP Tom

  29. Now being a Scientologist does that mean they don’t believe in taking western medicine?

  30. She is so pretty

  31. I hope Tom and his Wife doesn’t die, we can’t lose another legend.

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