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🛒 Mua sắm online dễ dàng với ứng dụng Banggood.
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0:12 我願意平凡的陪在你身旁 (Em bằng lòng làm một người bình thường ở bên cạnh anh)
0:56 我要变好看 (Em muốn trở nên xinh đẹp)
1:22 我願意平凡的陪在你身旁 (Em bằng lòng làm một người bình thường ở bên cạnh anh)
1:40 霍元甲 (Hoắc Nguyên Giáp)
1:49 Lolita
2:01 ハレハレヤ (Harehare ya)
2:32 Pump It Up (Cục Sì Lầu Ông Bê Lắp)
3:30 Lutra
3:41 青花瓷 (Sứ Thanh Hoa)
3:52 心如止水 (Tâm lặng như nước)

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Việt Nam sắp đón SIÊU TRĂNG TUYẾT lần 2/2020 vào ngày 9/3 sắp tới

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      ✅ Link App for Android: https://gohere.pl/p/aypX/6zo6/TvkV

      ✅ Link App for iOS: https://gohere.pl/p/aypX/rNOt/42p5

  2. What's the song at 2:17 its so cute 🥺🥺

  3. I'm gonna kick their asses for calling themselves fat.

  4. This is my body type… skinny everywhere except my belly.. I tried everything.. calorie deficit and workout but still I still have that flab on my tummy. I gave up

  5. Yeah but what about when I sit down and my stomach goes out and my thighs seem bigger?

  6. Có ai người Việt cho mình hỏi tí :v
    Mình mập, béo bụng, eo lại phè ra, mặt toàn nọng, vai to, thô, đã thế đùi to, chân ngắn, vòng 3 cũng to khủng nên việc chọn đồ cực kì khó khăn
    Thì mình nên mặc như thế nào ạ, mình thuộc kiểu không thích mặc váy :<
    Với cả mình lép, ngực nhỏ cực kì 🙁
    Cổ mình cũng to nữa ạ

  7. The first girl slayyyed

  8. Bro if these girls are fat then I’m morbidly obese and about to die

  9. 👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️

  10. I'm 76.5 🤣and I'm only 13yo… I'm not that fashionable but many boys likes me… I think body doesn't matter now it was the attitude and personality♥️

  11. Why the fuck did you name this “Fat Fashion” that is so rude and offensive

  12. Amazing video, BUT

  13. maybe some of these girls don't look fat to you, but the truth is that's what's considered fat in their country…

  14. Firstly

    None of those girls were fat!

  15. Que merda.. Faz mais:)

  16. The ones that actually have bellies are just a little chubby, not fat. And then there's the girls pushing out their bellies or just looking a little bloated.

  17. Fyi…. 130/140 lbs is NOT fat…..

  18. I don't get showing all the thin girls but ok ig,, the first girl WOW most of those dresses looked so bland to me until she put them on and looked SO CUUUTE

  19. Conclusion after watching the video: If you're carrying your (extra) weight mainly on your stomach, butt and/or thighs, swap your (low) jeans for a dress that hits you on your waist. Or choose something a bit less formfitting. Now you don't have to watch 5 minutes of girls changing in and out of clothes. You're welcome.

  20. if you thought that these girls are fat, you didn't see me jflfjdldnld

  21. Traduciendo : la ropa ajustada se te ve mal y no te queda.

  22. Great fashion snse😙

  23. Conclusión: Todo se soluciona con un vestido olgado xd. 🤗

  24. If you are fat, no clothes will change that or make it look better. You should change your body. People are so naive. Be realistic.

  25. The girl who was 130 wasn’t even fat like whattt ?? 130 is my healthy weight lol

  26. No les veo lo gordita.

  27. Mặt người ta không béo -.-

  28. I love how not even half of these girls are fat tf

  29. Fat? Fat??? Is this fat????? I don’t think so, that’s insulting!

  30. Where do I buy the clothes?

  31. That some nice outfits and you dont need to change your body

  32. Wtf .. 65kg is NOT fat !!!!!! None of this girls are fat

  33. When your thighs are your biggest body part ;-;…

  34. I want

  35. Nhạc ở 2:16 là gì vậy mn

  36. Asia needs to find out what the word thick means because not one of these girls was fat

  37. They're not even fat…

  38. Is that what you call fat, I'm doomed. 😅

  39. Wow this is toxic I thought it would have a good message (curvy girls are gorgeous) but all these girls saying 130 pounds is too heavy… That's just encouraging eating disorders and overall hatred of the body.

  40. 1:40 madre: hija ve a la tienda

    1:43 hija: cuánto de pan

  41. Their bellies are so… cute? adorable? Idk it just looks so soft and pretty

  42. buenos consejos peroo si yo me visto así se me cagan de risa todos pues :v

  43. THE FUCKING!!! SLIM!!! FACE!!!

  44. Bruh I'm thinner than her and I don't look as good in clothes as she does wtf
    She is very cute btw

  45. Where is the link to buy some of these clothes!!! xD

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