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Mirjana Milosevic is a talented makeup artist from Serbia who creates amazing body paint illusions and is known by the nickname Kika.

Mirjana’s parents said that she learned to draw before she learned to walk. She was drawing every day and on any surface that was available. When Mirjana was 11, her sister’s friend asked her to draw a cartoon characters mural on his wall. The result was awesome, and she felt really happy doing it.

She grew up in a country that was struck by war and it was a really hard time, so her parents couldn’t arrange for her to go to an artistic school. Mirjana spent all of her free time after school on improving her skills.

Three years after graduation from high school, Mirjana gave birth to her son, Danilo, and motherhood gave her the strength she needed to start doing what she’d always wanted to do.

Mirjana became the most popular kids’ muralist in her country, but because of an accident with her spine she took a break. Doctors told her this was essential if she wanted to have more children.

In 2012, Mirjana gave birth to her second child, Nikola. Nikola inspired her to start doing kids face-painting, and she was very successful in that as well.

After that, she completed a basic makeup course and became interested in special effects makeup and body-painting. Now Mirjana is a fantastic body paint artist and creates amazing illusions.

She has won a lot of awards for her skills:

2015 – The Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film – The Oskull Award;

2015 – 3rd place at the International Face-Painting Competition in Serbia;

2016 – 1st place and beauty vlogger of the year, NYX Face Awards Serbia competition;

2017 – 1st place at the International Face-Painting Competition in Serbia;

Mirjana Kika Milosevic is one of the top ten illusionists in the world. Her makeup illusion videos are very popular on YouTube.



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