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  1. How could you possibly have missed this incredibly important video? – https://youtu.be/ClZb5QcKtSg

  2. Everyone interested in ipad pro
    Ak louis interested in keyboard always

  3. please try the brand new huawei nova 7i

  4. The only reason I watched this video is to see the outrageous price apple would charge for it…..I was not disappointed.

  5. Can you do a video on the UE Hyperboom?

  6. Idiot, reviewing a product you do not have.

  7. Love the video bro. 🙌🏽

  8. it also uses usb c

  9. using a camera on the ipad has always been the cringiest thing ever. But I am a photographer. I hope this will get adobe suites support and run a more computer like version of Lightroom so I can buy this instead of a macbook pro.

  10. Apple needs to move the keyboard to the lesser iPad line like the Mini

  11. “Apple looking people”

  12. Why does this not even "sympathetic" 🤣 guy has 1.5m views?!?!

  13. I just need something to play games on, school stuff especially now since we’re homeschooled, downloading or editing videos, YouTube. Budget $1,200. I’m really liking this but… Suggestions !?!?!? Greatly appreciated thanks 🙏🏼

  14. Think right now ill pick food.

  15. Wassup I am wondering( if the note9 have reversed charging?)thank you for being there with use especially in this time

  16. The iPad Pro is really a pro device if you are an artist. The best device for drawing I’ve ever used.

  17. I would buy it immediately, I just hate how iPad OS is not the same like MacOS which means you can download all the software for laptops.. this is the point where Microsoft Surface rules.. windows is windows ya know

  18. Lol where is his energy 😂

  19. why dont you do the microsoft pro 7

  20. I always watch Lew in the bathtub 🐳🐣🐬💦
    But no more touching

  21. Please get Xcode on iOS and I’m all in

  22. Thumps up!

  23. bro it's on someone's lap at 3:24 and 4:21 in your own video.

  24. Can someone tell me which Mic he's using? Thanks

  25. This 12 minute video was too expensive

  26. 3:20 lmfao!! 💀

  27. So ill be able to get this at a reasonable price in 4 years once it is refurbished lol

  28. Hello sir I am a student and I use my iPad Pro every day for school, I hand write my notes and I don’t have the previous keyboard. I’m interested in getting this new keyboard but since writing on the screen is something I have to do a lot, I’m kind of confused as to how the heck I’d be able to write on the screen while it’s propped up on the floating thing. I’m not sure if that’s even a possibility or if the keyboard will provide more than one angle to place the iPad etc , and I can’t find this info anywhere 😭

  29. I’d rather have a MacBook with a touchscreen that flips around to look like a tablet. I need the ports and ability to run Logic.

  30. Does it have the bendable feature like the previous model???

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