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The Host (2006) – Trailer

The Host (2006) – Trailer
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Directed By Bong Joon-ho ⋅ South Korea ⋅ 119 min

In this crossover Korean horror hit, a giant mutant sea monster terrorizes Seoul. But the ferocious creature known as “The Host” is no lumbering beast like Godzilla. It selects what it wants carefully, and what it wants is the Hyun-seo, who it drags back to it’s deep, dark hideout. Now it’s up to Hyun-seo’s father Gang-du, a food-stand worker who’s anything but a traditional hero, to infiltrate the forbidden zone and rescue his daughter from the clutches of the horrifying creature. Cahiers du Cinema named THE HOST the fourth best film of the entire 2000s.


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  1. Korean made a good movie

  2. ive seen this but for some reason i forget what happens in the end. I can remember a book better than film; i wonder why

  3. where is the monster?

  4. Who's here after *the Insider*?????

  5. mr kim parasite

  6. Boring movie. Then again, I don´t like movies with monsters on it.

  7. Not a Korean but I think K movies deserves more attention. The plot is critical yet conveyed in a simple way for viewers to understand and the actors are beyond excellent! Truly majestic.

  8. This seems foriegn to me

  9. The nurse from KINGDOM is in this movie yes I know this movie came out first

  10. corona virus 2020

  11. i not have smile all movie long (at the comic scenes) because was a lot drama and horror… but at the last bottle…roflmao!

  12. Parasite was good but its nowhere near memories of murder.. for someone whose new to korean cinema u definitely are in for a treat if you watch parasite ang liked it… so many more better korean movie there is!!!

  13. Muy buena peli,la recomiendo

  14. so the two main actors in this, the man and the little girl, are the same actors for snow piercer. I wonder how I never noticed until now.. I need to pay more attention to ppl's faces in movie

  15. So like where can I watch this movie

  16. This movie made it on to my Top Ten Pandemic Films! You can see which rank I gave it here:

  17. Hollywood, give my money back !

  18. Watched this as a kid, thought about it recently and tried but couldnt remember its name until today after i watched Parasite and accidentally found this movie once again

  19. Ahm hello I'm from year 2106 yes and I just want to look back a masterpiece movie 100 years ago

  20. Here in Italy is worse then this movie 😂

  21. Who's here after my cock grew an extra 2 inches?

  22. Bae Donna is one of the stars of Kingdom. She fits this kind of roles.

  23. I saw this in 2006… who needed to wait the oscars academy to know that asian cinema is awesome

  24. Poor girl died at the end.

  25. I really liked the way they made the creature

  26. Please escriveishon en españoleishon 😢😂👏

  27. 한국인 없냐

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