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Symantec Ghost 3.0 boot disk tutorial for TECH223404

This is a walk through of TECH 223404. Showing how to download, extract and set up the new Ghost Boot Disk Creator 3.0. It includes instructions on downloading the Windows PE files from Microsoft and importing them to the Ghost Boot Disk Creator.


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  1. I have 6 identical laptops with no OS installed. How can I install OS, drivers and application software into all of them. I have installed Symantec Ghost Standard Tools 3.1 but don't have any clue regarding how to proceed further. I don't have any knowledge of networking neither do I have infrastructure to preform a network install. I would prefer that I can install OS using a flash drive.

  2. Your video helped me create a boot disk that works! Thank you!

  3. Hello Thank you for this video possible to know how to get the file bootwiz6284driverupdate

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