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Studio Bones Actually Corrected Stuff With My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 4

Its one thing to do a good adaption, but its another when you actually start correcting things from the manga. Studio Bones went above and beyond for My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 4 with the Muscular vs Izuku Deku fight. Still get chills watching the episode. So here’s my anime & manga comparison video. Ready for Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 5 Review?

Love you all so much thank you for all the support!
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  1. Do you all want more?

  2. I don't think they censored Dabi's face cause it was to graphic or anything, there are definitely more violent things in the show. I'd say when night eye got stabbed though the chest, that was more graphic. It probably looks less burnt in the anime cause I'd be harder to animate with that.much detail

  3. Tokyo Ghoul+Studio Bones=Me being happy

  4. Bones😏😏😏

  5. But in my opinion , Muscular face reveal and Koda academia better than the anime but both are good

  6. Off to watch this episode for my millionth time

  7. 0:45 I like what you did there.

  8. A lot of the time when adapting retain designs to anime they have to turn down the detail on certain character designs because they are very time consuming to animate if left unchanged.

  9. I want food.

  10. I know a lot of people aren't liking the way he's comparing the scenes but he isn't saying that the manga isn't well done. (We all know the manga is fantastic) He's mostly just pointing out the advantages that the anime utilizes and makes the scenes more powerful overall.
    Btw I don't think it's censorship with Dabi. I think they had to make his design simpler to make the animation more fluid and such.

  11. Love these manga x anime comparison videos. never really thought much into the details like this from manga to anime adaptations. but the bnha anime adaptation is truly amazing. wish nanatsu no taizai anime was done as well as this. i love nanatsu no taizai but anime scenes are carbon copies of manga panels. anyways, would love to see more videos like this!

  12. Chibi didn't explicitly mention this but I love the blood on deku's face. The manga might be more detailed but the blood makes the scream shot vibrant and dramatic.

  13. I'm unsure if I would like a Naruto style filler with mha, like have an entire season of just filler, with how entertaining the characters are, I think it would be cool, what about you guys

  14. In the manga, after Deku wins, Kota's flashback shows his aunt without her cat whiskers, but in the anime the whiskers are drawn back on

  15. Studio Bones has got to be my favorite anime studio. They've done well beyond plus ultra with mha, plus they made One Punch Man and Fullmetal Alchemist, some of my favorites!

  16. Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel came out plz do review

  17. The mask adds a dramatic feel but in reality it’s not necessary to see the mask falling

  18. I think the problem with anime not living up to the manga is because they try to copy the manga too much. Something that makes HeroAca really awesome is the fact that the anime takes liberties with the source material. This allows for much more dynamic movement, particularly during action scenes. Though I prefer the atmosphere from the manga since it had more detailed shading and with the stark black and white images, it feels much darker and grittier as a result. Not to mention some of the censorship of some of the characters. Other than that I thought the anime was really amazing.

  19. I must be real sleepy and tired. I had heard cunt-tent. Thumbs up.

  20. When u say dabi and I see that guy its weird Harry potter fans will get it

  21. Imagine if Toei had My Hero………..God help us :’(

  22. Or maybe Horikoshi thought that using a panel to show a mask touching the ground would be a waste.

  23. What do you expect bones made soul eater the company itself is smoking good ass weed there not lazy

  24. When it comes to watching anime in general do you prefer the japanese voice acting compared to the english version? With anime that i really get into I watch both versions for a number of episodes then I choose a preferred one.

    I'd like to see you do a analysis video of episode 4 regarding the Jap/Eng voice acting and any suttle dialogue changes that occur if any at all.

    Loving your vids atm, keep up the good work 💪

  25. is tokyo ghoul re over? i'm a bit behind and i haven't seen a new chapter in the last two weeks

  26. the censorship is really iffy with me, because there difference's aren't that bad compared to manga and anime, Izuku's arm is shaded out but it really isn't that bad to show, Dabi's face isn't that bad either with the skin, and neither is the mouth guy, his isn't that different besides different detail on the skin, they should just put every piece of detail into these scenes with what the manga gives, because it shows how gruesome this anime can be if depicted like the manga, like I can see somewhat different but they really aren't that bad in my opinion, Stain's scenes with the knife stabs and cuts where great and if that was censored they wouldn't of even made us see the stab part but they did, I really want them to go all out with the detail's of the character designs and broken limbs, ripped skin, they show blood for godsake, and a hand on the floor with blood, why not just censor them parts? it confuses me how good scenes can be depicted better if they just went all out, I love the anime but what's wrong with going further with the detailing on these scenes, all because of censorship? its crappy in my opinion but still love the anime.

  27. darling in the frankxx new episode 16 is out!!!
    Must watch!!!

  28. Where's your DitF review?

  29. I don't think the characters being messed up in the manga but not in the anime is censorship. Its a level of detail thing. The Anime isn't going to have permanent ultra detailed characters. Because its much harder to animate with an excessive amount of detail while the manga, the artist can just put as much detail as he want because he only has to do 1 frame of "Animation" per panel. If you look closely cloths are much less detailed in general in the anime along with some other things and those messed up characters have ALOT of very small line details everywhere which would be a nightmare to animate consistently.

  30. You should watch quanzi gaoshou,

  31. Hey Chibi The King's Avatar(Quanzhi Gaoshou) is back with season 2, check it out.

  32. Not showing him taking off the mask is for jump scare effect, his damaged face with the big grin is just right there as you flip the page

  33. If only this much was done for tokyo ghoul I could die happily

  34. chapter 182 when?

  35. When this episode needed I yelled No bc I wanted more

  36. the only anime i have seen that surpassed it's manga is HXH and that is because togashi's art tend to be off ,more like drafts

  37. People like you (people who appreciate the series) are the reason why the series continues.

  38. It was all positive comments that’s crazy

  39. Hey chibi, do you read fire force? Is it good?

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