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Start Drawing: PART 9 – Draw a Simple Boat

Simple boats exist all over the world, so learning to draw a simple rowing boat is a good idea for any potential artist. Drawing boats can be a little difficult but here you’ll learn a simple drawing technique that will have you drawing rowing boats simply and easily. You will learn how to draw a boat with this easy boat drawing video. Did you know you can draw a boat by using a number ‘8’? Using a number a number ‘8’ makes for an easy boat drawing. ‘I’ll show you how in this simple drawing tutorial.

Once you have identified the number ‘8’ and sketched the edges of the boat the basic shape is achieved. I’ll take you through how to draw the planks that make up the boat and how to add the shading to make the boat look three dimensional. I’ll also explain how to create and draw the reflection of the boat in the water. This easy drawing tutorial is aimed at beginners and those who want to improve their drawing skills with simple drawing techniques.

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  1. You are just amazing…

  2. Wow, thank you, you've really helped me alot😁

  3. ايوه كده لما تيجي ترسم حاجه حطاها علي جنب الرسمه كده طول الفيديو
    ليه لان اللي هيتفرج ممكن وهو بيطبق الرسمه يبص علي الاصليه زيك وشكرا علي الفديوهات

  4. You are very good at drawing sir.

  5. This vedio will teach me

  6. It be first time trying to draw a boat

  7. Can you show how to paint the boat?

  8. I thought I couldn't draw. but you showed me I can, thank you. My drawings are good enough to show off. Never thought it possible. Its so therapeutic aswell. Thanks again Paul.

  9. I draw a lot of boats and there good

  10. amaizing ! can u do us a boat scenary like this with moon trees and all

  11. Easy to draw with you thanks 🙂

  12. Best boat instruction yet. Thanks.

  13. Wow! Excellent !

  14. i love your channel so much.. am new to drawing and am hoping to learn

  15. Great ☆★☆★☆
    Thank you 🙂

  16. I can't see the pencil drawing

  17. Can't see it

  18. Your stetching lessons are amazing and very helpful !!! Excellent video …

  19. Thanks for your hepl.nice video…

  20. wow thanks, you are great! i get stuck with shadows and shading, but when i found your channel i know thnik that drawing is funny and amazing :D, thank you good man i started to loose hope at some point , but know i have courage and strenght to go further! :D.sry for my english greatings from Serbia!

  21. Very nice shirt Paul…. Looking like you are ready to sail 🙂

  22. You are very talented! Thank you for sharing it.

  23. Your drawing of the boat is too light to see to follow you. I really wanted to draw along with as a beginner.

  24. just needs some eraser work to add highlights to the water (that's what I'd do anyway)

  25. You're unique..thankss

  26. Sir it's really fantastic.. but you have to show it till complete finishing of drawing..

  27. Very concise and Instructional Video. Thanks

  28. Paul mc cartny

  29. Thanks for sharing those incredible tutorials…

  30. رسمة مثهل

  31. Thank you…Iam happy with you

  32. You are an inspiration for beginners that we can draw and paint. Thank you for your tutorials easy to understand.

  33. Super drawing

  34. Thank YOU for all of these. I'll be watching more soon and again I can't think you enough

  35. Amazing sir you are great 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  36. Thanks Paul. Very informative. Great tutorial. You have a new subscriber.

  37. Very helpful. Thank you.

  38. You always make things simple. Everything I've learned so far about drawing, I learned it all from you. Thanks a lot. You just earned a subscriber.

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