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Sorcery of tHorny Live Show | Papercut Book Club

Kat, Jordan, and our guest star Ellias come together on my channel to discuss Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson! The beginning is non-spoilers. Next month (October) we’ll be reading Ninth House on Kat’s channel. All info will be on

Congrats to Valeria for winning the giveaway!

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  1. Kat did secretly love this book. Everything she said was mostly complimentary.

  2. Why did it take me 16 min to notice that elliases name in the chat is sillas lol

  3. Me: writing a book with a main characters name being Elisabeth


  4. Ellias eating through the stream is a whole ass mood

  5. y’all should do red rising or the diviner’s for a book club pick 🤠

  6. I'm so basic–I loved it, lol! Though cross my heart, I could have hated this book, and I would have bought it anyway, because THAT COVER!!! It's beeyootiful. Also, liberry? Oh no…that narrator didn't.

  7. I’m getting Baz from Wayward Son vibes from Kat’s shirt and I’m living for it

  8. haha! The 1 dried up vanilla ice cream main character!

  9. Silas is kinda like those side characters where you probably won't like him if he's a main character

  10. Love the message that you should give up your morals and dreams for a mediocre man. Awwww yeah. I love how the author managed to give more personality to books than any of the human characters.

  11. AMEN. Silas is the best part of the story (other than the grimoires)!

  12. You can move Silas to the center without robbing him of intrigue if you limit the perspective of the main female protag

  13. For fans who wanted more, try the Bartimeaus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. It explores similar themes such as the imbalance between magician and demons. POVs for both the magician and demon characters, excellent world building and the main magician and demon relationship is magnificent. Highly recommend the audiobook.

  14. I love watching these videos because I’m never sure how everyone will rate a book. This one especially felt like a wild card to me. I’ll still check it out. I loved an Enchantment of Ravens.

  15. I liked the book. Yes it was cliche but I enjoyed that the whole story didn’t hinge on Elisabeth’s romance with Nathaniel. But yeah it was just ok. It definitely wasn’t Six of Crows level of good or ACOTAR levels of boring and ridiculous (not sorry). I had fun. I loved the setting too.

  16. So the thing with the asylum, I liked how the story was set up. Like the bad guy wanted to make it look like Elisabeth was going mad, etc. But to let her go to an Asylum, only for her to escape before she is even there just was unnecessary

  17. I enjoyed the book, but I think it should've been a duology. the author had some really great ideas and the worldbuilding was interesting but she tried to pack too much into one book so everything fell flat. I wanted more of Silas' backstory, nathaniel coudl've been fleshed out more, not to mention how Elisabeth could grow from a 'basic YA herione' syndrome to an interesting character. The demon world was so interesting but was mentioned so briefly and as an afterthought and it could've added so much more tension.
    I'm mad because there was so much potential.

  18. I've heard enchantment of ravens was very good and was about to read it, now I'm scared. Make up your mind bookcomunity (jk I know everyone tastes are different)

  19. I DNF-ed it… so cliche and typical

  20. i think sorcery definitely was very basic bitch, but the whole concept of the grimoires def saved it for me. also, elisabeth and nathaniels chemistry was good at the beginning, but in the second half it just dissipated completely esp when nathaniel went all broody on her??? anyways , i never usually watch live streams post stream when i miss them but here i am bc yall r so funny lmao

  21. my name is Elisabeth with a "s"…

  22. I agree with Jordan, the naivety was too heavy handed!! It felt like Elisabeth was 14 so the romance with Nathaniel just felt out of place for me

  23. I felt for all those grimoires that sacrificed themselves more than I do for Elizabeth throughout the whole book. Am I a bad person?!

  24. Silas was the best character 😂 idk how I feel about Elisabeth and Nathaniel individually but together with their banter, I really liked it

  25. Honestly, Elisabeth and Silas had more chemistry with each other. 🙊

  26. Cindy I need you to read Nevernight omg I think you’d love it

  27. Jordan is SO expressive with her hands, and I'm here for it 💚 I swear I could guess what she's generally saying if the audio cut out as long as I could see her hands. Once the left hand pinky comes out I'm ready for some TEA and SASS🤙

  28. I ship Nathaniel and Silas, i'm not sorry but Elisabeth needs to go

  29. Now I feel like I'm the crazy one Jordan hahaha! I swear when I went to listen to the Audible sample after I saw you tweet that the narrator said library normally 🤣🤣 Someone needs to tell me if my ears are broken!!!

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