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Sony VAIO®-Some troubleshooting steps for a USB device

This video will walk you through some steps to help solve issues with USB devices. This will help you troubleshoot a USB device, for example, a mouse or thumb drive when it is not being recognized by your Sony Computer.

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  1. Thank you a lot for the tips.
    They work very well in my VAIO VGN-NW.
    Great Video!!

  2. Hi royalty k, May we have the complete model name of your Vaio? https://us.en.kb.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/38141/c/65,66/kw/model%20name What are the drivers you installed or updated? Do you see an exclamation mark in Device Manager?   For the mean time, please follow these steps:
    1. Reset BIOS – https://us.en.kb.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/44078/c/65,66/kw/BIOS
    2. Run Windows update and Vaio update
    3. Run Troubleshooter – go to this path Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsTroubleshooting. Under Hardware and Sound, select Configure a device then follow the on-screens instructions. 
    Hope these help. Thanks! – Vincent

  3. I've tried everything and it still won't work. None of my USB ports work but they do supply power to charge my devices, but that's all they do. I have updated the drivers, reinstalled them in device manager, removed the battery and waited before restarting, but nothing is fixing this problem. I haven't been able to use a single USB port to connect to my ipod, camera, etc. in 3 years. 🙁 Any advice? I might have to buy a new laptop just for the sake of being able to use USB ports because of this.

    My model is VPCEH1GGX. In device manager it says that everything under USB controllers are up to date. From the Sony website I installed the Firmware Extension Parser Device Driver with the description saying it would resolve yellow exclamation from the "Unknown Device" in device manager. But it's still there so that didn't work.

  4. Hello my name is Kevin and I have a problem with the usb bus controller driver how do I fix this? My computer is a sony vaio VGN-NW310F

  5. stupid vaio laptops then combine it with windows 8 d most stressful device ever

  6. thanks for the info.  I watched the video, and tried completely shutting down, but the USB has a mind of its own, is unreliable at best and still does not work.  Too bad, because the rest of the laptop is fine.  However, I have to say that when one pays over $1000 for a computer, it should work and Youtube tutorials should not be necessary.

  7. Unfortunately, the "quality" in the brand SONY died long ago …
    I am a engineer with over 10 years working in the IT field. When you need to I solve problems with products SONY…my eyes with fills tears :(((
    For three days, I "wrestling" one SONY VAIO VPCEB3J1E
    Installed – uninstalled Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
    I tested Live XP and Live linux…even two linux puppy&knoppix
    I remove the battery, power supply off, hold the power button…USB ports lived not again!
    I consult hundreds of people – I will learn NEVER BUY SONY! NEVER ! NEVER! 

  8. I thought this problem would be the end of me (and my marriage), but the magic trick was to REMOVE the BATTERY and POWER connection for a few minutes.

    Thank you!  Marriage and life saved!

  9. not working on SVE1512E6EW, same problem off i will quit buying Sony

  10. it's WORKED on my Vaio

  11. I've already tried that with no solution. There is an intrinsic error in this vaio model project. I will have to buy another audio card (hope that my vaio can recognise someone). Thanks for answering.

  12. My brand new Vaio mod.SVE14A15FBB dont recognizes my usb powered audio card. I´ve tested the device in 3 other notebooks and 2desktops with the same OS, Win7 home sp1, and no one brougth me problems. After a week of unsleep nights i give up. Hardly someone can suggest me a solution that i've not attempted, including obvious procedures such as driver updates, windows updates, contacting Sony support etc. As i bought Vaio for professional and urgent tasks, i´m felling very disapointed and injured.

  13. Don't waste your time contacting sony esupport. They will charge you $99 dollars to troubleshoot an issue that is a result of their DEFECTIVE product design. You will also be connected to a clueless support tech in India, who name is Johnny or Sally, something like that, "OUTSOURCING AT IT'S BEST" I've learned a hard lesson and will seek a more reliable pc manufacturer in the future.

  14. Ive tried everything! Nothing Works! Ive tried serarching for the driver but in middle east asia Sony doesnt have a usb device driver on their website!

  15. sorry , I have a complicated problem with my USB , when windows start up it work for a time and my mouse and keyboard stop suddenly , although my passport can work but a sound come from it (seems like problem in power in pc ), in USB test in vaio care sometime passed and some time there are problem ,I have tried to send it to warranty but I cannot reach them

  16. Oh and by the way…I currently work for Toyota Financial Services, and as part of my support position, I am responsible for the acquisition and leasing of new computer hardware and software. Unfortunately, due to all of my previous headaches which I've encountered with Sony laptops and PCs, I've recently opted to upgrade all upper management with new Toshiba Protege notebook computers which appears to function as intended, unlike Sony notebooks.

  17. SonyListens but can't resolve basic issues. Just more lip service as usual…thanks for nothing.

  18. I am trying to use a standard USB 2.0 thumb drive which i believe is backwards compatible with USB 3.0. and yes I have updated my Sony Vaio VPCF13WFX with all required updates and patches found at support.sony.com which still haven't resolved my non functioning USB 3.0 issue.

  19. For the record, I am a certified system administrator with over 18 years working in the information technology field, and I have never had as much trouble resolving issue with any laptop besides Sony PC products. What happened Sony? You guys used to make such incredible products which were worth the additional cost.

    You sell laptops but fail to provide drivers on your support page besides update drivers and ask that customers who previously forked out a pretty penny to buy recovery media

  20. I have a Sony Vaio VPCF13WFX and the USB 3.0 Ports are not detecting external USB devices. This is the most frustrating issue ever. For the record, I do not have this issue with my wife's Toshiba laptop with USB 3.0 ports.

    I starting to believe the SONY is starting to fall behind on quality and that's ashame since I use to be a devoted Sony customer. However, I will not purchase another Sony product in the future, What a waste of money!!!!

  21. Doesnt work

  22. uhmm excuse me , i have a question .. my music player is not showing in the removable device but it is still charging.. also my iphone not showing also in the removable device but if i use itunes it will show only in itune… maybe it is hidden… how to unhide? hehe

  23. Yes, I've talked on live chat but the people I've spoke to can only tell me what they are allowed to. The main problem is booting into LINUX. Aparently Sony Vaio doesn't support this. Is there any ways around this such as modding the bios? If so, some details on how to go about this would be great

  24. How can I boot from an SD card? From what I've read on google, this seems to be a widespread problem.I have the model VPCEB3F4E

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