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Sony PlayStation | PS1 | Boot Up – Remastered ᴴᴰ

PS1 Boot up screen – Remastered in HD

Download link (mp3):

System Information (Source – Wikipedia)
Sony Computer Entertainment

Product family:

Video game console

Fifth Generation era

Retail availability:

JP December 3, 1994
NA September 9, 1995
EU September 29, 1995
AUS November 15, 1995

JP July 7, 2000
NA September 19, 2000
EU September 29, 2000

March 23, 2006

Units sold:
102.49 million

CD-ROM (black CD)

MIPS R3000A-family R3051 @ 33.8688 MHz

Storage capacity:
Memory card (1 Mb/128 KB divided in 15 blocks)

PlayStation Controller, Dual Analog Controller, DualShock

Best-selling game:
Gran Turismo, 10.85 million shipped (as of April 30, 2008)

Successor: PlayStation 2


Windows 7 Boot-Screen

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  1. I love the boot sequence. It starts strong with that deep bass at the SONY logo, but the best part is at the PlayStation logo at 0:12, with that otherworldly ambient.

  2. Y’all ain’t gonna admit it. But gaming raised us.

  3. This is what plays at the gates of heaven 🤧🤧

  4. Iconic :O

  5. My childhood sweet

  6. Back in those days, they knew how to show ownership and give creator's credits without being too intrusive or obnoxious. It was part of the experience.

  7. most epic load screen I ever seen

  8. U R NOT RED E or
    whenever wherever forever(PSOne slim)

  9. Lovely The Best… No.1 ☝️😎

  10. Oh the nostalgia is so real holy fuck

  11. My favorite game from ps1 is oddworld abe's oddysee

  12. 😮wooow great quality👍🏻

  13. ok Where's the 10 hours video?


  15. This boot-up sound is basically crack cocaine for the ears!

  16. When a game didn't work back then all you needed to was take the dirtiest towel or stain article of clothing you could find and wipe in a circle motion. The result of these action are displayed at 0:10. Black vodoo magic.

  17. 2019 ✌️✌️👌👌ps1 good times

  18. nostalgia hits like a truck…

  19. this sounds so bad ass. imagine turning on a pc or phone with this intro.

  20. still here in 2019……

  21. Dude I'm 34 and junior high just flashed before my eyes. Chills

  22. best playstation boot up IMO, it's just EPIC!

  23. Let's Agree: Anthony Fantano brought us here.

  24. Du wahoo awesomeness awaits me as 3-6 years old in 1990s Crash Spyro Rayman

  25. please bring back that logo Sony

  26. Best boot up ever!

  27. This video is wrong.
    I am not american.

  28. i miss this

  29. Why does this boot come up 5 seconds after turning on a PSX or PSone console?

  30. Hello childhood

  31. You Remastered it and I played it in 240p 🙂

  32. i still dont know why this startup sound scares me so much

  33. so jarring to not see Fox Interactive after this because I play Die Hard Trilogy so much 😂😂😂👌🅱

  34. dramatic

  35. When i was a kid, im always feeling scared and helpless with this sound following the resident evil 2 and 3 intro music 🙁 – This game contains explicit gore and violence

  36. Hi, do u happen to still have the original video before upload?

  37. This up there with the 20th Century Fox fanfare of iconic sounds.

  38. This used to give me nightmares

  39. I want this on my PS4!

  40. What a pretty startup sound & sequence that is. Longtime no played 4 me & the PlayStation. Some games on PS are superb.

  41. Valve intro is better

  42. 0:12 Sound of happiness

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