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Printing your own boarding pass is easily and very convinient for those back pack travellers. Because your avoiding the long linea at check-in counter for your airlines just to get the boarding pass. And you can directly proceed to the immigration counter to check-in and wait inside where your airlines gate assign. An for those who have check-in luggaged still you can print your boarding pass at airport kiosk and proceed to your airline counter to drop your check-in luggaged and for proper weighing… and for those un-avail to print there boarding pass just follow the instruction and proceed to your airline check-in counters… again HAPPY TRIP…


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  1. Thankyou dito😊

  2. where is the location of the machine

  3. For domestic flights, passport lng ba ang pwede mkagamit saa kiosk? If wala passport sa counter mgpa check in ? Thank you

  4. What if back pack lang dala ko and wala ako ph passport? Ok lang ba yun? Domestic flight lang naman po

  5. The title of this video is English, but the video is not in English.

  6. Get rid of the music! You can't here you talking…..

  7. thanks for the vid. very helpful po for the firstime traveller

  8. bro sa cebu pacific paano kumuha ng bording pass ❓ bag lang din dala ko.. kilangan ko pa ba mag bording pasa nag book kasi ko online lang at e recipe lang send sakin. wala bording pass.

  9. Pano po pag hand carry bag lng po?? Kailangan pa po ba na gawin yan?? First time ko po kc 😅

  10. gawa po kayo video pano book cebu pac tnx san po bayad wala card tnx

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