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[Samsung] Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP (Universal Guide)

Hey, guys! Welcome back to another video of the series “how to root any android phone”.

In this video we will look at how to unlock bootloader and install twrp of any Samsung phone out there.

But so make sure that you have watched the first video of this series for better understanding of this process:


Odin (Windows):

Odin (Mac):

No Verity Zip:

How to Root Using Magisk


How to Install Custom ROM

How to Install Xposed Framework

How to Install Substratum
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  1. Guys this method will not work for newer Galaxy Phones like S10 series or A50.

  2. My phone keeps restarting how do i fix this (after download mode)

  3. Keren banget nih orang yang kita sayang itu gak enak badan gini nih kalo udah sayang banget sama kamu itu gak enak badan gini nih kalo udah sayang banget sama kamu itu gak enak badan gini nih kalo udah sayang banget sama kamu itu

  4. Do we need root

  5. Thanks alott mannn

  6. Hi.Thanks a lot for your Help.Make a new video with android 10 One UI 2
    My problem is,After updating Android pie to Android 10 ,my device is extremely slowing in every application & game,O updated the official UI ..need help.make a video –> how to go back Androind 10 to Android 9 Poe operating, thanks you

  7. So you are saying that I shouldn't do this if my phone is secured by know? Or could I still go ahead and do this?

  8. will this work on samsung galaxyA600F?
    please reply

  9. Is it wurk on Android 10 huawie mate 20 lite? Xp 2020

  10. Need to wipe the storage?

  11. Plz help… does it matter what the build id/ bootloader when you root..?
    Because cant find any one that matches my region and bootloader??..
    Plz help I dont want to break my phone?
    Samsung s10

  12. For some reason, when I start the Odin, my phone shows up with "Custom Binary(RECOVERY) Blocked By OEM Lock, even after I have unlocked the OEM in developer options. Any help?

  13. worked fine till i have to install the crypt file, my usb will connect to my phone after wiping but the folder for my phone wont come up on my pc

  14. I don't think you can root the SM-G965U

  15. No need tap 7 times .. wen u go to developer turn on

  16. so where is oem unlocking? it aint in developer settings

  17. Hi…
    I need twrp files-MD5 for samsung galaxy SM-A920F, SM-G973F and SM-G975F – android 10
    can you send to me please…

  18. Is there a way to unlock the bootloader on NOTE 9 Snapdragon?

  19. Pls help samsungA205F exynos7885 ka twrp download link de compture n hone ki wajah series diktat jata hai to pls shi link de

  20. On my S10 I have this error:
    recovery: Error validating footer. (0)
    recovery: Error verifying vbmeta image: invalid vbmeta header (6)
    VBMETA G973FXXS4BTB3 29221387R
    Help please

  21. If my phone is not have oem so

  22. Can I do this for my galaxy s7 g930P (snapdragon)?

  23. Thank you so much. I tried so much, but i didn't work. This method works for me. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. will this work on s10 Snapdragon 855 sm-G973U1? (international).

  25. Does it work for Xiaomi mi 9t?

  26. When unlocking bootloader, do in enable usb debugging mode?

  27. Question, The .tar file is corrupt, whatt do I do. Yes I have tried redownloading, its always corrupt

  28. s6 edge?

  29. But i have macOS catalina, iMac 2019 & it does not support windows. any.

    I can't afford any windows pcs now, (I have £60) any help?

  30. hopefuly someone can help, No Verity Zip will not copy into my phone

  31. what is the music?

  32. My Mobile its not conecting to pc why

  33. is it rowk for samsung A6S SM-G6200 >>I NEED YOUR HELP

  34. I have zenfone max plus m1 and i don't have OEM unlocking. What should i do?

  35. What about N975U AT&T where the OEM unlocking isn't there! How do you enable the Missing OEM unlock option?

  36. Does it work in samsung e7?

  37. This caused my SM-J710FN to bootloop lol

  38. Español! 😓

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