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SAIGON DAY 7: Zoo & Botanical Gardens

We start of Day 7 at the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens, filled with families enjoying their new year vacations. Greenhouses, taxidermy, flowers and scenic landscaping abound!

10 Days in Saigon is an original travel series produced by Muui, a non-profit organization based in South Korea. We’re dedicated to producing creative content that defies the social stigma and negative stereotypes around people with disabilities.

10 Days in Saigon was directed and edited by Samuel R. Mendez.
IG: @Samuelanimates

Featuring the songs “Not for Nothing” by Otis McDonald at and “Sneaky Bass Latina” by Jimmy Fontanez/Doug Maxwell Media Right Productions.
Subtitled in Korean, Vietnamese, and English by Muui staff and volunteers.


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