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Rufus: How to Create Kali Linux 2018 Bootable/Live USB Flash Drive

How to make Kali Linux bootable USB Pen Drive or live Kali Linux 2018.1 in a couple of minutes.

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  1. While booting it was trying to mount the files from CD-ROM, I used win32diskimager as instructed in Kali documentation website. It's pretty straight forward.

  2. Türkler nerdesiniz !!

  3. i get a black screen with a blinking cursor every time I try to run it

  4. how do you switch back to windows safely?

  5. When I’m trying to boot my PC with it, a warning says that it hasn’t been authenticated. What can I do?

  6. Das war genau was ich brauchte! Thank you!

  7. How do I boot the drive?

  8. bro downloading idlinux.sys nhi hora h

  9. hay laptops q solo es para uefi

  10. no vale para uefi

  11. Does this make it a LiveUSB, or do you need to select extra options? Also, can you just unplug the USB, and then plug it back in to make it load (like, boot from the boot options, not just plug-in, and *poof* it is running)?

  12. thanks

  13. So please tell me how to go to my windows again?

  14. can you share your wallpaper?

  15. Would this be a means of installing kali as your main operating system?
    Does this also work for ANY linux distro not just kali?
    If neither can you direct me to a place where I will find both of the two questions above.

  16. When i booted asking to enter grub 2.0 … how to run its image without typing command: ((

  17. Does this avoid the grub bash line editing error?

  18. good but part persistence u dont teach 🙁

  19. how create usb persistence?

  20. Great Video! One question.. will it be possible to revert back to Windows? you know, for Gaming and such. Thanks! 🙂

  21. yochag

  22. nice vid, gonna hit several hundreds thousand soon…

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