Rita Wilson Adorably Reveals The Key To Her Successful Marriage With Tom Hanks | Access

Rita Wilson stopped by Access Live to chat about her new album “Halfway to Home.” The singer dishes about how her hubby, Tom Hanks, inspired one of her new songs by always keeping the flame between them lit.

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  1. Why do people in Hollywood hold Rita Wilson in such high regard? I don't get it, personally I think her biggest contribution to Hollywood was becoming Mrs. Tom Hanks. Let's get real, if we're gonna start praising the spouses of famous artists we might as well start with Yoko Ono.

  2. Is she ugly or pretty? I can't tell.

  3. "Rita Wilson Adorably Reveals The Key To Her Successful Marriage With Tom Hanks" : MONEY

  4. Rita Hanks has now been RELEASED from hospital…now she can go back to her fancy dinners …$500 hair salon appts and multi million dollar home!!!!

  5. Why is RW so much bigger than the other two??

  6. I thought that lady interviewing was Lorraine from uk itv ,with a freshened up visage.🤣

  7. The biggest star to appear on the Brady Bunch. Congratulations Pat Conway on winning Pom Pom Girl…

  8. 🙏🏾😁🙏🏾

  9. Steal a married famous man. #homewrecker

  10. Apparently she didn't know the secret. Ha!

  11. Their secret is bopping children

  12. Fuck her and her pedo husband

  13. What a fake! Your husbands instagram account. Roadkill on route 69. Isaac Kappy was thrown off a bridge 3 days ago. Kappy outed him for purchasing a 13 year old sex slave. Sarah Ruth Ashcraft.

  14. Tom Hanks is a p-edo-phile who posted about kapp-ys de-ath a month prior to him getting thrown off a bridge on rt 66. W-W-G-1-W-G-A

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