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Rich Dad Poor Dad Written by Robert Kiyosaki | The Book Show ft. RJ Ananthi | Suthanthira Paravai

Rich Dad Poor Dad Written by Robert Kiyosaki book review on The Book Show ft. RJ Ananthi now streaming Suthanthira Paravai. Rich Dad Poor Dad book has inspired many people which is know as the personal finance book. It will be a better mentor that comes in handy to manage your finance and be wealthy at the same time. Please do give it a read by yourself.

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  1. Here it is… The most suggested and recommended book "The Secret" on The Book Show 👉

  2. Please do think and grow rich book review

  3. Replay me how to contact you

  4. Akka unga voice super ……❤️

  5. RJA…Y lot of ads ya.. even though it generates some income to u, it creates a up n down waves while watching the video.anyway u ppl dng gud..cont..apdiyae antha Mr.Kamalakannan details kuduthingana nanum ketu therinjipen..

  6. Neenga sema cutea solringa unga expression semma

  7. Super

  8. Panakaran aramo illayo ne pesrathu kekurathuku nala iruku ma

  9. Chumaaa kizhiiiii

  10. book of RICH DAD / POOR DAD SUPER for a business bigining stage people

  11. Nice review .madam

  12. Nandrii

  13. Concept upgrade… Nice…

  14. A book introduced with interesting expressions.

  15. Sisters solra vitham super
    Small request the richest man in bapilon book review pannunga sister

  16. I'm impressed on Ur way of speaking.hi Anandhi

  17. NoMoney no money no honey da

  18. இந்தப் புத்தகத்தின் தமிழாக்கம் இருக்குதாம்மா?

  19. சு ப நீயெல்லாம் நல்லா வரனும்.

  20. Nice segment but worst way of convey
    This book is all about financially motivated one but I can’t get any motivation from your speech , you explain like comedy stories.

  21. Good

  22. 1:04 Japanese writer ah…. Suthammm
    Nee enna tha padichiyo….
    Illa padikama peela vidriya….
    He is an American

  23. Hey nee than padichalla loosu…. Innum youTube la video potu thana earn panra🤣🤣🤣🤣 wasted

  24. Hmmm vera leve voice 🔥

  25. Super

  26. Waw enda book Ku epdi oru explain na super

  27. Lady rj balaji 😍

  28. Rj ananthikaka thaan intha channellai subscribe pannen.

  29. Solra style romba nala iruku 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Most generic useful book. Nice video

  31. Illa?????????

  32. Rich dad poor dad concept will not work in India

  33. Akka super 👌 ra motivation speech pandreenga ungala neyratiya pathu pesanu

  34. Most of it doesn't applies to our country. Especially mortgage investment.

  35. Ur speak delivery cute😶 fun😐 good

  36. It is a great book, I have learnt a lot from his books if anyone is interested here is the amazon link for his book- @t

  37. Kindly Read and share ur comments of MOZZAD.

  38. Meluha book ah pathi soluga

  39. சூப்பர் ம்மா

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