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Resizing PowerPoint Templates for Low Content Books

Low Content Book Strategies That Work – Join the Free Group -☮🤑📈

In this video training I answer a commonly asked question about how to resize journal templates from 8.5 x 11 to say 6 x 9. Once you master these steps you can resize anything you want to.
The Tarot Template mentioned can be purchased Here

Join me on my Journal creation journey. I have created over 3000 books and I have taught hundreds of people to use a simple 4 step process. So this is not theory.. I do this every day and share what I am learning. I am getting results as are my students.

Low Content Book Creation – Join the Free Group -☮🤑📈

Low Content.. Tired of courses that only show you HOW to make books but don’t show how to SELL them?
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I show my students a simple 4 step foolproof of process to help them get up and running with creating a Tsunami of Journals on Amazon KDP.

It doesn’t end there. In my mastermind Facebook group we then go on to learn the tactics and steps to SELL those books.

Research, Keywords, Niche selection, AMS ads.. all go hand in hand to make my course the BEST course on this topic. HANDS DOWN.
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Setting Goals helps to make this business TOO LEGIT To QUIT

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  1. I Found out That I was Wasting all my time Doing a simple mistake. I realized that mistake form you. Thanks for sharing such valuable video.

  2. Hi Rebecca you are God sent . I was going to drop you a question on this exact subject this earlier this morning. Infact I have spent the last few days looking for a good video on this . Thank you so much for doing this video . Great content

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