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Reply with automated chat message to Facebook comments (ManyChat FB Comment growth tool)

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Facebook launched its messenger ad feature on November 16, 2016.

Manychat was the first bot that took advantage of it, when they immediately created their website as a tool to use Facebook messenger ads to successfully gain more messenger subscribers, and be able to send them automated messages.

Facebook messenger ads have 500% better open rates and a 300% higher click-through-rate than regular emails.

People use Facebook chat differently than emails. They are on Facebook all day, and they get an immediate notification if someone messages them. They love to write messages or reply. More and more people are also using Facebook chat if they have a question for a company, and they are more likely to chat than to call or write an email.

Simply put: people want everything right away.

Let’s see how to use Manychat to create automated chat messages:

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  1. Course😊

  2. Everytime she said "Post" (Paust) I got hor*n y. Amazing Accent 🙂

  3. Hello can I Ask how much will cost in using autoreply in messenger?

  4. i want to auto reply in the comment not in messenger,
    is this possible ?

  5. "recommend the best facebook bot tool" Lasciate che la cucina sia il divertimento della cucina, Principe di foglie di loto imitazione, non bastone facile da pulire. Loop tridimensionale per accelerare il riscaldamento, un controllo. Funzionamento semplice. Isolamento automatico, alimentazione

  6. Thanks for the info.

    P.S:- why isn't your browser crashing ? You have infinite amount of tabs opened up in a single browser LOL. 😀
    Thanks once again

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  9. Course

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  11. Loved It, Thanks for sharing.

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  13. Course

  14. I have a question.. How does ManyChat pricing work when you upgrade your page to pro? If, for example you upgrade your page to 500 subscribers (that's $10/month) and your subscribers exceeds to 500 within the month, will your payment become $15/month by the next month? Please someone enlighten me about this…

  15. Thanks for the helpful tutorial video, just i wanna know that is it possible to send a file like (text books PDF, video or audio)through auto reply chat, while someone comment or NO???

  16. i just created my fb comment growth tool, i got 390 subscribers rght now. im wondering, why is it, its not working anymore? i mean when some comment to my post, theres no auto response for that person who comment. what do you think happened?

  17. Nice

  18. course

  19. How to boost your post using manychat?

  20. Are you sure it's only available for Pro? It could do it for free though.

  21. Thank You very much. It really helped

  22. Thanks! Very helpful 👏😃

  23. Does Recart on Shopify have this feature too?

  24. This is very helpful. 🙂

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