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Repair Windows Boot Partition | Includes files and partitioning

I was inspired to make this video due to so many bad videos about fixing Windows Startup. Repair your Windows Boot Partition with new system reserved partition, boot files, boot record, and new BCD to fix ANY windows startup issue.
Step by Step guide @

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  1. For Step by Step Commands check out the article on christitus.com
    Check out the Complete Windows Tips and Tricks Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc7fktTRMBox4cnUiShLPKg_-em5MJNP1

  2. Solved it for me! Thanks for posting, back, up and running again after a dead bootsector due to a power cut.

  3. Many thanks! The only tutorial which provides some backgrond, instead of just giving a list of commands.

  4. Thank you!

  5. Thanks bro you saved the day!……

  6. when i typed bcdboot C:/Windows /s g: i get an error saying "Failure when attempting to copy boot files."

  7. what if i dont have a windows installation media ?

  8. When i try to format the partition, i get: "Virtual Media service failed:
    The format is on the current startup, system, swap file,
    Dump or hibernation volume not allowed" (something like that. this is a google translation)
    + my Cmd.exe cannot find "bootrec"

  9. In my case it worked even though the last command returned access denied. Weird 🤔

  10. My step was stuck in fixboot with access denied. Hơw to solve this. Thankss

  11. Thank u Very Very Much. Great Teacher

  12. The /fixboot command in the end gives me access denied error….please help

  13. Thanks for making this video.. It's a shame It took me over a week to run across it.
    There are so many incredible absolute garbage videos that seem to just seem to copy useless misinformation off of each other out there on this as you know.
    I still have not figured out my issue and the commands are not working for me in my case. I think it would be nice if there video covered what do do when it doesn't work and what any of the error messages you encounter when it doesn't work actually mean.
    You website link above to a step by step is a dead/removed link on your website.
    Steve 🙂

  14. Yep still stuck- I've been at this for a couple of weeks.

    bcdboot c:windows /s G: /f ALL or UEFI or MBR
    Always just comes back with: "Failure when attempting to copy boot files"
    ??? I have no idea why it's failing.
    A guess is maybe expected source files are missing.
    Web searches I have done do not lead me to what is missing or how to get what is missing or required back.
    Some references to c:efibootmicrosoft and c:boot
    Which I have neither.
    I'm not sure which one I need if any or how to get it back or how to go about fixing that if it's that's problem.
    Working Windows 10 1909 systems have a c:boot directory that appears to be empty.
    The GPT partition I am trying to make bootable is 1903 as far as I know.

    What I have as an "ophaned" Windows 10 NTFS system partition.
    I restored this from a backup that had been using EaseUS backup software and reporting every day that it was doing its job and backing up.

    The original working system was MBR.

    For some reason the restore software creates and leaves me with an unbootable hard disk where all of the files appear to be good and in place.
    However the drive is not bootable and it is created as a GPT partition.
    I think this is why it is unbootable.
    I've been playing with it for a few weeks trying to figure out how to make it bootable again whether I keep it as GPT and try to get it to boot somehow
    Assuming I have to create a working UEFI (or EFI) partiton and somehow get the correct data into it to BOOT the GPT Windows 10 NTFS partition. (or load the OS from it).

  15. Because of your wonderful step by step instructions. I have had the pleasure of being unable to get my hard drive to boot to windows. Now I'm sitting limbo and unable to access my thousands of dollars of programs. However, I can stare at it! I can't thank you enough.

  16. Thank you! This worked perfectly for me.

    Now I can go on and drink my coffee.

  17. I accidentally formatted the disk instead of the partition..what should I do?

  18. Win 7 64Bit with no Virtual Drive like in your tutorial ! I get 0 installations found same as you at the same point in the example you showed. Also if i do /f all at the end of the command as per the example it wont work but if i omit the /f all then it copies files successfully ! What dos /f all actually do ? Thanks for your great video. I hope you can assist as i'm still having problems though :/ I get to the Windows splash screen with the 4 animated balls that morph into a windows flag then the PC restarts. Monitor displays No DVI Signal at that point. Please reply as I've been WEEKS trying to solve this !! 8(

  19. Oh my gosh thank you so much! I Just failed an attempt at moving system reserved partition from drive 1 to drive 0 and by far this is the only guide that worked!

  20. I have 300mb "EFI system partition"
    "1.69 GB OEM partition"
    Can I do this still? Or what do I do?

  21. Thanks

  22. Great video Chris, but I get "access is denied" when doing the fixboot and "target device not found" when doing rebuildbcd. Do you have a video that explains how the Windows boot partition works and how the database works?

  23. 4:45 /fixboot access denied wtf pls helo

  24. FYI anyone coming here with a modern UEFI laptop?PC: This fix does not apply. "This tool can only be run on systems booted using a PC/AT BIOS. This system was booted using EFI or some other firmware type.” Heart is in the right place, but I am thinking that using a VM might have been the cause for not catching this.

  25. Thanks for the solution you saved my time and a lot of important data. 👍🏻👍🏻

  26. Thank you man, you saved my entire life

  27. Hey Chris! So I am just wondering if this will work for my situation. I run Windows 10 on a high end gaming PC. I tried fully installing Kali Linux and Linux Mint to USB drives via a live USB and I was successful except for the fact that the Grubs linux bootloader decided to install on my main OS SSD. My computer still boots up as it should right into Windows, but only if I have the Windows Boot Manager selected as Boot #1. If I do any other order or select my main SSD instead like it was it will not boot. I have since figured out how to get the bootloaders to install on the USB drives themselves by just removing all of my internal drives upon install. They just default to putting the bootloader on the USB stick since it's the only option. My portable OS USB stick are working great, but I'm pretty sure I damaged my boot partition considering how I have to select boot manager to boot into windows and it won't work selecting my main drive itself. Also, the name of my main OS drive appears twice at the boot screen. One that is the name of my drive and another the exact same except that one will boot into Kali linux with the Kali USB drive plugged into it. Everything is UEFI. Sorry for the long post, but I just want to get rid of the Grub bootloader that snaked it's way onto my main OS drive. Will these steps that you provided work for me? Thanks in advance!

  28. My friend you are definitely great🤩 thank you…

  29. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME??? I INSTALLED 8.1 IN MY secondary hard drive and it killed my windows boot manager!!!! I REMOVED 8.1 AND FACTORY RESETED MY WINDOWS 10 THAT IS ON MY 70 DOLLAR M.2 SSD AND IT DIDN’T WORK! PLEASE HELP. 😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖

  30. Hi Chris, this was excellent. Only one thing was that I got an element not found error when I was at the bootrec /fixboot part. I resolved this by setting the System Reserved partition as active and re running the command. thanks.

  31. Access denied when I try to run the fixboot command. :/

  32. I attempt copying boot file from c:, and I got failure message, "failure when attempting to copy boot files", can u guys help me pls

  33. You Saved My DAY. THANK YOU SIR. I Subscribed to Your channel too.
    For Your information. I damaged the boot loader of my windows 10 to dual boot Hackintosh High sieria. After formatting a partition into MacOsx it has damaged the other partition containing windows boot sec.
    the Only way to get back my windows was to delete the Macosx partition from windows USB boot.
    Finally Following your tutorial here , I fixed the windows boot menu.

    Thank You

  34. I'd be trying in vain to fix my "system reserved" partition after a bodged "shrink" operation. I always got partway to a solution with tools like Macrium Reflect, EaseUS / MiniTool partition wizards — BUT nothing I tried would complete the last piece of the puzzle which is doing a clean format of the boot partition as you've described. Nice work, and thanks!

  35. 😭😭thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much because my PC not used from 3months

  36. my version is the more expensive version, $199.00 so I do not know what to do…I am age 80+ so I may just have to unsub to you.

  37. Awesome. ❤

  38. "access is denied" when I do bootrec /fixboot

  39. Tried all of this along with many other solutions in DiskPart and other cmd line but the SSD is just not letting me format or do any of these without an error so I guess the update this week killed it

  40. Just my luck finding this after reinstalling windows cause I couldn't fix the problem 😀
    Still good to know how to fix it in the future so thanks.

  41. I haved mistakenly deleted my D drive and merged it to C drive …now my data of D drive has lost …is it possible to recover

  42. For anyone who doesn't know – MBR has 2 partitions, EUFI has 3 partitions. This is a great tutorial for MBR. Now, if only you can show me how to get a VM in VirtualBox be GPT so when I try and clone a master image it works on EUFI ;(. Great tutorial.

  43. What's the step 3 equivalent for Win7?

  44. FUCK WINDOWS! Install #LINUX. Problem solved.

  45. It's been a LONG time since I've used Windows (over ten years) so I'm surprised to see how much you can actually achieve from what looks like a normal old DOS prompt these days. In the old days if something went seriously wrong like that, your only resort was third party tools or, more often, a complete reinstall.

  46. This video is a blessing to me, as I accidentally? destroyed my win10 boot mgr while trying to dual-boot w/ a linux disto.
    I tried this on one of my secondary PCs (worked like a champ), will now try this same on my main PC (only using win10 for my yearly taxes), linux and BSD on other disks on this main PC.

    I had been searching high & low to get the win10 boot mgr back again.

    Tks CTT

  47. Whats a Windows?

  48. When all else fails, use fdisk and perform a low level format of your boot drive!

  49. I love the variety of Linux and Windows videos. I think you should start doing both. 😀

  50. Windows? TRAITOR! 😱

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