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Reboot and select proper boot device [Fast FIX]

“Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media” FIX!!..
Well, took me 3 mins to figure out the solution and 3 mins to make a video of it

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  1. Mere me nhi aya hard disk wala option

  2. thank bro, you save my compiuter

  3. I have an Asus tablet and my keyboards don't work so I don't know how to fix it or be able to get to the right screen

  4. I dont know what i press but it just work .. Lol thanks anyway for the video .. Indian people are so good in repairing system

  5. It worked ty

  6. Ty

  7. It finaly worked

  8. Doesnt work

  9. Muchas gracias me sirvió 👌

  10. Not work why?

  11. I M not getting my hard disk drives option

  12. You have no clue how much i appreciate your video right now

  13. Hey in my device hard disk option is not coming only boot device priority is coming

  14. It doesnt say hard disk drives wtf

  15. Thank you bro

  16. Assus PC ko kaise pendrive se boot kare

  17. I turn my computer off and turn back on then hit the delete key and it's still saying reboot and select boot device

  18. С есть тут русские ? Что там он говорит , залезла в биос и ничего

  19. My device is not boot in zabronics

  20. Send me video of rebooting in zabronics

  21. How can i solve this i have no hard disk program in boot menu

  22. I only have one ssd in it and this pop up so how do aye fix it

  23. How do you reboot for a dell desktop

  24. Maybe your presentation is good I assume but the screen keeps on moving which destroys my vision. Maybe next time if you would like to present something please use a tripod to make your camera steady.

  25. This didn't work for me. If anyone can help me please I have an MSI Computer running Windows Xp, everything is built together in monitor what I mean is there is no separate tower it's only a monitor

  26. Bro my Asus laptop does not show the hard disc options in boot

  27. Bhai mere m hard disk drive ni show kr rai

  28. Brother can you help me fixing this problem on windows 10 lap?

  29. i tried to do this for many times but its not working does any one can make right tutorial video for solve

  30. Worked man

  31. how hard is it to keep the camera still.

  32. I have 5 boot device to select now it is not working

  33. What button do you need to press at 0:59

  34. bro when I go to boot then press hard disk drive then show only 1st Drive then what can I do and solve my problem

  35. I don't have the 'Hard disk Drives' setting:(

  36. Help Me My Xps 15 9530 says the same thing this happened when i was trying to clone the ssd to hdd

  37. If you only have 1 hardrive option to boot, then your hardrive has no operating system, or that a hardrive (disk) on the computer that did have a operating system broke down. You best contact an expert at this point.

  38. Hi when i go to boot it doesnt show me the hard disk? But i got same message on my pc as u

  39. Nice tutorial but pc is not working 😢

  40. My computer is not working

  41. Gandup

  42. I don't have that boot menu how now?

  43. Boot nahi aaraha kya karo??????

  44. It's worked tq bro

  45. LG Pc

  46. https://youtu.be/QjE67t5pNBk
    Please subscribe my channel youtube, thank's

  47. My problem is that there is no hard disk drive in option

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