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Reaction – DBSK – Bolero (Tokyo Dome)

Follow two CLUELESS GUYS from MPK as they make their way around the world of Youtube. Big Z and Big Kai.

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We really enjoy reacting to the videos you suggested us and we will do our best to get through as many as possible so keep posting them in the comment section. We also enjoy trying new things and challenge so if you have any suggestions as well in that.. let us know. Thanks everyone!!

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Có Lẽ Đây là Vở Cải Lương Hồ Quảng Hay Nhất trước 1975 – Cải Lương Minh Phụng, Lệ Thủy Hay

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  1. This was the last concert before they disbanded that's why they're so emotional 😭😭😭

  2. 이노래의 뒷 이야기라면 love in the ice 이 노래도 힘들것 같다고 해서 만든 노래인데 동방신기가 너무 잘 소화 해서 더 어렵게 만든 곳이 Bolero 라이브를 생각하고 만든 곳이 아니라 들었는데 그것도 동방신기가 너무 잘 소화해 버림…진짜 전무후무한 대한민국 대표 그룹!! 이들과 견줄 만한 그룹이 빅뱅정도? 순수 실력으로만 보면 딱 그정도 인기는 현 BTS가 제일 많지만..실력은 동방신기 못 따라감

  3. Why I'm crying , DBSK ot5 😭😭😭😭,

  4. They are the kings of Kpop

  5. AKTF
    ☆ ☆ ☆
    ☆ ☆

  6. Please please react to DBSK Tokyo dome Sky ~ somebody to love and DBSK Summer Dream!!! The boys are actually moving around (quite intensively) during those performances and damn the vocals are still bloody amazing!!!

  7. Best group ever. Point.

  8. 그립네…

  9. Hi! DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) is they're group name in Korea. In Japan they're called TOHOSHINKI and in China they're called TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi). They were so popular in Korea and internationally. DBSK is a 2nd generation kpop idol group and highly acclaimed by their junior idols. The first kpop group to have the widest fandom called Cassiopeia. Hope this helps for you to get to know them better. Thanks 😆

  10. TVXQ is the king

  11. Se quedaron con la boca abierta. Los ame. TVXQ bolero.

    Talento + pasión = TVXQ 5

  12. Looking forward to u guys to react more tvxq songs live (specially japanese songs)

  13. I’m crying y’all I’m- I MISS THEM T_____T

  14. Im a goid boy

  15. Still crying when listening this song. Miss 5 of them together

  16. i miss them… really.. 😿

  17. This performance is the encore of their tokyo dome concert.. so this like after 24 or 25 songs… And after a lot of dance song also… So the tune might over the place,, it's just their emotion in this performance is really good make us ignore a lot of mistake here…

  18. Wow react to new songs! ❤️ I love it too much

  19. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. Pls react to DBSK Wrong number & Mirotic plsssss

  21. Yuho and Max the two remaining members also did another version of “Bolero” and it was really good too: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BH54XKXVuj8

    Anyways please react to DBSK Max live performance “Forever Love” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cMMDrQRgmi0
    Thanks 🙏🏻

  22. Thanks, thaks for REACTION to my babies ❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Just miss them soooo much……

  24. Proud live please😍

  25. I love that you guys are reacting to dbsk, hope you do more in the future, thank you for reacting!

  26. Goosebumppp

  27. my favorite group ….they are legend ….i love them for more than 12 years 5:02 he is shim changmin highest notes in kpop
    i miss them so so so much …..omg i want to cry
    they have a story for each song ….they wrote the song themselfe
    please react to tvxq whatever they say

  28. Why I'm crying ? 😭😭😭😭 I miss them all together. I still hope to see them in one stage . (even for one time for some tv show..)

  29. The love of my life😏

  30. Please do a reaction video to DBSK – MKMF awards 2008

  31. Please react to DBSK Tonight live performance and JYJ W live performance on A Nation, thank you so much for Your reactions about my boys.

  32. Paved the way

  33. Hears Junsu's majestic Broadway vocals

    Big Kai: You know, I think I might know them

    You can't mistake Xia's voice. The vocals in DBSK were all distinct, yet always perfect in harmony

  34. I love this song!!😍

  35. you guys should reaction to their song more!
    i'll give you some recommendation : my destiny, kotoba wa iranai, begin, stand by u, wasurenaide, taxi, forever love, heart mind and soul, chandelier, in our time, i know, duet, one and only one, summer dream, sky, ocean, we are (one piece ost), share the world (one piece ost), asu wa kuru kara (one piece ost), road, android, scream, shine, purple line, etc.

    their korean song : one, picture of you, mirotic, o jung ban hap, rising sun, tonight, holding back the tears, catch me, humanoids, keep your head down, before u go, something, spellbound, destiny, etc.

    their song is really amazing~

  36. So, TVXQ/DBSK were going through some diffiuclt things back at the time of these performances. If you can imagine, the standard of artist protection in most contracts were less than what they have today. They worked long hours, got minimal sleep, practiced and performed to point of collapse at times. Performers were known to push (more often than not) unreasonably through illness and injury while being given little in return. Often times, they sang live, especially TVXQ who are known for their vocals and ballads. The stress of such a lifestyle is evident in their 2008-09 performances (a live of "O" comes to mind).

    The general idea of contracts then (and now to a somewhat lesser extent) was that the company would pay for your schooling, room and board, lessons, etc., and when you made it big, the company kept a large share of the profit. It's been nicknamed a slave contract since people would almost literally sell their souls.

    In addition, their contract with SM Entertainment (the same company that put together Super Junior, SHINee, Exo, NCT, Girl's Generation, BoA, Red Velvet, and F(x) amongst others) was up for renewal. In the end, three members sued the company for unfair distribution of profits and treatment (Jeajong, Junsu, and Youchun), wininng the case. If I am remebering correctly, it was the first, if not one of the first, cases where the artist in question sued the company. Overtime, the cases popped up with more regularity, chaning the contracts to what we have today (still not great or equitable, but an improvement, nonetheless). In retaliation, SM, being one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea, black listed them from promoting in South Korea. The three that left created JYJ and are still remarkably popular in Japan. Changmin and Yunho stayed with the company, continuing on as TVXQ.

    SM groups, especially their boy groups, are excellent. I absolutely adore their vocals and performances. That being said, the company itself is known for being terrible, demanding, and somewhat racist (RIP Hangeng, Tao, Kris, and Luhan. Luv you all <3). As much as we all love KPop through the years, there is a very dark side to the industry that used to be much darker than it is today.

    All that being said, TVXQ was put together as an 'a capella dance group,' and it shows. I would recommend, amongst their other ballads and live stages (let me tell you, their 'breaking into Japan's music scene' phase is full of interesting video and style choices) watching the 'TVXQ A Capella Collection.' They truly are a talented group, and helped set the stage for today's Kpop. They are the oldest active Kpop group, older than Big Bang or Super Junior.

    Sorry for the long ramblings! Have a good one you guys!

  37. this brings back memories. i miss them as 5 so much. thank you for reacting to this.

  38. Well this is one of the song that no other kpop group can do cover. I think so far only btob did it.

  39. My first kpop group

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