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RC Quick Tip – What is a Bootloader?

In this Quick Tip we explore what a boot loader is, why we have them and how they can be helpful.

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  1. Perfect explanation. Thanks!

  2. Hands down the best explanation of a bootloader on YT. Thanks so much.

  3. thank you very much 🙂

  4. Thanks for another great video.

  5. Good explanation.
    My apm2.8 fc can't load firmware. Mission planner firmware loading can't access the bootloader. How to make it read the bootloader again?

  6. Painless360+ Very clear. Now I understand what bootloader is. It sounds like Bios and Bootloader is almost the same!? By the way, lovely english.

  7. That was very very helpful. Thank You 🙂

  8. Hello Painless…congratulaions for your videos! I have a problem with my Naze 32 rev 6 10 dof…the bootloader pins are erased and so I cannot used it…exist another system to flash FC without using bootloader pins? I tried with Hercules software also, but don't work…many thanks

  9. hi. my computer is saying no contact with bootloader or similar. I have tried to short the bootpins but it doesn't help

  10. thank you for all the information. I'm about to start building my first quad, and I bought a CC3D board with openpilot only to figure out they split the company. I want to use cleanflight/betaflight or raceflight on the CC3D so do I need to use an ftdi adapter to flash the correct fw? thanks if you get this

  11. How do i flash a brand new sp f3 evo

  12. if i wanted to put betaflight on my naze32 rev6, i have to download the BorisB file and flash the local firmware. But do I need to jump the boot pins to actually install betaflight

  13. Thank you, it was very helpful!

  14. that was very very helpful!

  15. naze*

  16. how do I short ….boot… my maze32 rev 5

  17. When I was in college, the bootloader was explained that the first part of starting your day was to pull your boots on by the bootstraps. And cache was a storage for trappers or hunters. You are becoming the goto guy for any and all problems RC and other related. You SIR are an absolute genius of how you present your tutorials, if not for you I would be doing a lot more surfing for the correct way to approach a problem. Please keep up your excellent work for the RC enthusiast.

  18. best rc channel on the web 10+

  19. Awesome, I would really appreciate it if you do a video on Taranis transmission rang.

  20. That was helpful.

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