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Python Tutorial for Beginners 6: Conditionals and Booleans – If, Else, and Elif Statements

In this Python Beginner Tutorial, we will begin learning about if, elif, and else conditionals in Python. We will also be learning about Booleans and what evaluates to True and False. Let’s get started.

The code from this video can be found at:

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  1. what editor is he useing?

  2. why blurry T_T

  3. 0:18 When you type "if True", what exactly is it checking?

  4. English is my second language. But I could even totally understood what Corey explained.

  5. Corey Thanks for amazing tutorials will recommend to my colleagues as well

  6. py_ability = 'increased'

    if py_ability == 'increased':
    print('Great Video!')
    elif py_ability != 'increased'
    print('I should probably just watch the video again')
    print('Watch Corey Schafer Python Tutorials!')

  7. Thanks for the great video! Could you please explain the difference between &, &&, and "and"? Similarly, between ! and "not"?

  8. Please help me 🙂

    Def move1() :
    While true:
    Pyautogui.moveTo(x1, y2)
    Pyautogui.moveTo(x1, y2)

    Def move2() :
    While true:
    Pyautogui.moveTo(x3, y3)
    Pyautogui.moveTo(x4, y4)

    How to start def move1 while def move2 is sleeping…

    then shut down def move1 in 10 seconds and when def move1 stopped working, start def move 2 and after 10 seconds again start def move 1 and shut down def move…

    In other words how to make def move 1 start running while def2 is not working… And after 10 def 1 stop working and def move 2 start working…

  9. Concise, constructive and smooth.

  10. These videos are so helpful! GOLD! Can you tell me what portion of the video you covered any mapping {} I wasn't sure if there was more to it.

  11. many thanks

  12. Easy to grasp the subject with full clarity. Thanks for make it free.

  13. Bro whenever I write print(a == b) it gives an error and same goes for is also

  14. Wasted my money on udemy. These are so succinct and comprehensive. I don’t feel any resistance or boredom watching and following the material

  15. Hi thank you very much for ur awesome material. I was wondering if u had any book recommendation regarding python? THANKS!!

  16. Anybody knows best javascript tutorial channel for beginners on youtube ?

  17. Thank you Corey for your time and effort. Keep spreading the knowledge.

  18. 5:54 how did you do that…

  19. Fantastic 🙂

  20. What are you using to demonstrate looks loads easier than what I am using

  21. when logged_in = False (means not loggedin )
    then — if not loggedin ( means -ve of -ve …+ve, he logged in)
    Isn't it @Corey Schafer

  22. Did anything change with Python 3.6 or later? I declared two integers, num_1 and num_2, setting them both equal to 1. They have identical IDs. How is this possible? I thought each new declared variable had its own dedicated space in memory?

  23. condition = [''] evaluates to True and so does [[]]

  24. Man this is amazing…!! I am a finance grad and I am picking up programming skills as they are getting necessary day by day.. By goal is to be able to make trading algos.. and mate your videos are amazing for a non programmer like me!! The day I get my first job I will donate to you….

    thank you so much!!

  25. Does id(a) gives the address of object a?

  26. Very helpful Python serial tutorial. Love it. Thanks.

  27. Why why didn't I find these videos before. I wasted so much money in paying for live classes. You owe me money Corey

  28. Day 3 done 10/2/19

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