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PHP Tutorial (& MySQL) #10 – Booleans & Comparisons

Hey gang, in this PHP tutorial we’ll take a closer look at Booleans & comparisons. Booleans represent two values – true and false.


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  1. Hi Shaun, thanks for this course and make it available for everyone. You know, I've try to learn about about php for quite sometimes now and I have taken 10 online course about PHP and even 6 from UDEMY and none of them make understood better about PHP except for your online video. IT IS SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND, STRAIGHT TO THE POINT, STRAIGHT TO PUNCH LINE!! and the way you present makes it very extremely clear and easier for beginner like me to understand and roll-on. I almost, almost given up about PHP until I stumble upon your video. Had I not make that one last search on keyboard, today would have be a goner and I will forever giving up on PHP. Thanks again dude, thanks for ADDED VALUE to people lives, you're the best!!! Keep it up!!! Awesome!!! 5-Stars!!

  2. true or false Net Ninja: To be a LAMP developer i dont need to know Html and CSS && to be a full stack developer html and css plus php and sql are a good start.

  3. shaun==ninja : '1'

  4. loving your videos

  5. Thanks Shaun for all you do.
    You're actually the best tutor. Keep it up fam.
    I'll like you to actually make for React Native. Along with some really cool projects.
    We're ready to pay for it. Thank you.

  6. You rule !

  7. I have learnt lot of things from this tutorial, I love your video, Thank you Shaun! 🙂

  8. Hi. What app do you use to record the desktop and edit the videos??

  9. Thanks, Shaun, I started PHP cos you're the one teaching it..the way you teach is simply amazing, plus I love this channel, I've learnt a lot here. Thanks so much for making life easy for us. with love from Nigeria 💚

  10. Hi Shaun,
    I really love the videos.
    I watched many videos from your playlist, essentially django and git.
    I was able to develop an application and deploy it. But i want to know If you can make videos about DevOps tools like ansible which are very important when you build a web app and you want to deploy it on many servers. Doing it manually is time and energy consuming .
    Best Regards from Morocco.

  11. Thanks a lot, Shaun. For a long time I wanted to get the old knowledge back from php. A small remark; the test true == "1" evaluates to true, because of type conversion. The test true === "1" gives false, because the return of a true is the number 1 and not the string "1".

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