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NTLDR is missing USB boot disk for Windows XP – ntldrismissing.com

Update 2016-01-17: It’s possible that “bigger” or “smaller” than 2 gigs makes a difference, if buying a drive, try and buy one bigger than 2 gigs and one smaller than 2 gigs.
has boot disks available. Here’s the info on how to download the zip file, extract it, format a USB stick, and copy the files needed for fixing the error “ntldr is missing” on Windows XP.
As an alternative, if you can’t get it to boot up, try making Hirens Boot USB their “NTLDR is missing” fix uses my files.
I wish the video wasn’t so blurry, and shaky, but I wanted to get this out asap because I keep getting asked for help on this point.
Fat32 has a hard drive limit of 32 gigs; so it’s possible you have to use a USB stick smaller than that.

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  1. It just occurred to me why at 2:13 I click the download folder and the sub folder wasnt there. It's because I downloaded the file as user twit_000 but I was running the program as user administrator

  2. I've had a broken laptop sitting in my closet for 5 years and you fixed it. Thank you.

  3. Thanks

  4. When I start to format I get an error message saying "device media is write-protected"

  5. Me funciono, luego que pude entrar restaure los archivos que borre, y si estaban en la papelera.

  6. Worked

  7. Thank for you for the video. When I am on the disk storage format step trying to save in the dos files. It says it has failed. I have tried several times to get pass this step

  8. how is this supposed to be helpful if you end the video by not actually showing how to fix the problem

  9. I have a Mac backup computer, can you help me?

  10. It works on fourth try. Thanks! But if my usb is not connected to my laptop it still says that ''NTLDR is missing'' . I can only use my laptop with connected usb on it, help me! what should I do to work the laptop without the usb?

  11. Thanks So Much, My PC Don't Have A CD Unit, This USB Is Very Usefull… I'm Use A 4 Option

  12. Thanks so much for the link problem solved

  13. on my acer aspire one it shows me now PXE-E53: No boot filename received
    and PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM
    NTLDR is missing
    Please help me i am in trouble 🙁 what should i do ? 🙁

  14. Man, thank you very much!

  15. i tryed all of the options and non worked number 9 just froze my pc

  16. thank you..:)

  17. hi miles god day! i have some problem i follow the steps you show and it  works but when i already access in my bootdisk i cant enter/press "y"  it almost my keyboard in not working i already go to my bios and all parameters are enable. does that mean that the controller in my window is disable? is there any solution about this hope you can help me thnx

  18. Windows could not start because hal.dll is corrupt after i did what you said up until the 10 possible tries…all 10 failed and gave this message. what now?!

  19. Hello Miles. I dunno what is happening but everytime I open my pc after I choose the option it says NTLDR MISSING PRESS ANY KEY TO RESTART then after you pressed a key it says invalid partition table, so everytime I open my pc I need to format my usb stick and do the steps all over again

  20. I click start …on pc : formatting the device…but now error failed to format the device..why ? And what I will do ? Thanks

  21. Thanks a lot Miles! This worked wonderfully on my Win7 x64. I would like to point out one thing though. After choosing 'Y' and going through all the 10-12 options (including Safe Mode), I thought this method did not work; what I did not realize was that after choose 'Y' the problem was fixed and I could have booted from my HDD. 
    Maybe you can add a note in your tutorial about this.

  22. im trying to follow ur steps on win 7 and i dont know what to do

  23. After I click Y and Ctrl+alt+del it reboots and I click F12 like you did. After that I get the boot device options and when I try to select the USB it says Ntldr is missing under the list of devices. PLEASE HELP!!!

  24. i get a hal.dll error when trying to boot from the usb any help?

  25. Almost

  26. hey !. where do i supposed to insert my iso file ?. did you guys understand it ? Hey Miles Pls where do i insert my ISO/windows xp ?

  27. Very nice job.  To the point, no fluff, no bs and no hiding any steps.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Thanks!

  28. LIFE SAVER – Option #4 worked for me. I was almost ready to restore my computer to factory state and lose two programs I have been using since 1999 – which are not available anymore (companies went out of business) (even the year does not look right anymore, its been so long ago) – Mucho Thanks 🙂

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