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[NEW CODES] Christmas Raid Event | Boku No Roblox Remastered

so I Finally showcase the Newly Added Christmas Event Raid Game Mode, New Boss, NEW Limited Event Items in this Boku No Roblox Remastered Video! drop a like and comment down below what you think of the new Christmas Event this year!
#BokuNoRoblox #BokuNoRobloxRemastered #ChristmasEvent
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Boku No Roblox: Remastered

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♪Intro Music Provided by♪: Toxic
♪Music Track:
♪Outro Music Provided by♪:Booming Made It Type Beat ‘NEBULA” Freestyle Trap Type Beat | Retnik Beats
Video link: youtu.be/guy6FuDlNAo
No Copyright
If music needs to be removed please notify me on here and I will take it down If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact via IG/twitter There is no need to strike a video when you can get it deleted the same day…


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  1. #NOTISQUAD FINALLY got this Boku no Roblox Christmas Event Video up sorry it took so long I had the worst luck yall spammed me to make this so I hope yall spam the likes on the video as always BokuFam We Lit!😄

  2. 12:10 this was funny af

  3. I bet you won’t pin this comment lol

  4. Desi : max lvl with explosion raiding oh snap
    Me : lvl 7 k with shock what is hard

  5. I miss it

  6. Before the explosion revamp explosion was over rated

  7. Hello

  8. does he have 70 million?

  9. Call him dessi hero clapper guy yay

  10. Dessi

    Valentine Raid


  11. Is it already done?
    Edit: because my mom took my phone

  12. whats with the loud ass intro XD

  13. They should revamp overhaul and deku ofa because of season 4

  14. Dessi there a glitch with acid you use acid spill and it hits all the bags at same times it give crazy xp

  15. I got a legendary chord because of you thanks it was my 1st spin

  16. I just got half hot half cold bro OMG

  17. I got overhaul

  18. Btw the intro is anime not my hero

  19. add friend this kylie090925

  20. Dessi’s channel was mostly Boku no roblox but since the game died dessis channel died along with it in less they have a big production coming up like blow piece did this game is gonna die

  21. How do you make the character look where the camera is facing I know you pressed something at 9:00

  22. Thank you tw dessi you i got overhual


  24. 1st armor has no arms

  25. i want a dofa rework ;~;
    like gatling punch in season 3

  26. 11:50 that was like an attack on titan kill😂😂😂😂 fight a titan omg am i right btw sub to my channel and my username is Chris123me15

  27. Scythe and winter sword do same dmg when they slash but they don’t when they use their special move.

  28. Does anyone have any advice for how a new player can level up overhaul fast?

  29. I got ofa from a common spinn thank you for the code

    User: cystic111

  30. Dessi your into is lit

  31. Code Ov3rhau1

  32. 100% Santa armor
    Ok buddy

  33. Thank brob i just got all for one from common spin thank for the code

  34. I got one for all

  35. pls will u ask the devs to change the shift lock


  37. Boku fam
    Please add me
    Nome: benjik999_2

  38. Hello. I am here to ask you if i should keep Hellflame and grind or just spin

  39. hi dessi love ur videos and i got explosion from the codes

  40. I want the cement quirk in boku no roblox

  41. I hate u u left the Hershey stupid son of a bitch

  42. Decay

  43. do u watch darling in the franxx?

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