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[NEW CODE] Dark Shadow Revamped IS OP | Boku No Roblox Remastered

Today we Showcase The NEWLY REVAMPED DARK SHADOW QUIRK and its Full Move Set this quirk seems OP for a Rare Quirk as well and a NEW CODE drop a like and comment down below what Quirks You got from the code!
#BokuNoRoblox #BokuNoRobloxRemastered #DarkShadowRevamp
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Boku No Roblox: Remastered

This Boku No Roblox: Remastered Update includes the following
– Dark Shadow Revamp
– Added Heroes and Villains Leaderboard
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BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA Op3 – Sora Ni Utaeba [Styzmask Remix]
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  1. Dark shaodow flys not dash Dessi

  2. dark shadow in boku no roblox vs dark shadow in heroes online who could win??

  3. With Headphones Your Intro Gives Me Earrape ;-;

  4. i have a question i have thisi quirk and i can't punch i can only attack if i have dark shadow mode on

  5. You Can fly with it

  6. You can yeet players in raid with v lol

  7. guys you know dark shadow can fly

  8. Ki got over haul

  9. Remember when i got this at level 500 and rejt simeone with afo who was lvl 700

  10. They spelt target Wrong it Was darget

  11. I accidentally spines off all for one on heroes online
    I never played again

  12. Me:*pulls out my dark shadow*
    Dessi:*pulls out dark shadow*
    People:Ooooo Danggg Woahhhhh Jeeezzz

  13. You can fly with dark shadow if you double space and hold and aim at the sky

  14. I have this quirk and I love it

  15. I spun for overhaul then ended up w dark shadow. I used to have explosion.

  16. Dessi I joined ur group and subbed can I have robux username: NE_Ethan

  17. I like long video

  18. I spent around 200k trying to get dark shadow cause I wanted it and spun off of THREE LEGENDARIES, (I couldn’t use any of the Ives anyway and I was barely halfway to getting one move) AND I ENDED ON FRICKING ZERO GRAVITY, NOT ONCE FROM 200K WORTH OF SPINS DID I GET DARK SHADOW I DIDNT EVEN GET IT AND SPIN OFF IT BY MISTAKE.

  19. need robux then come to my channel for codes

  20. dessi you can fly like explosion lol and its sick

  21. Just got dark shadow with common spin lol

  22. They should add if its dark or night darkshadow gets a buff

  23. U can fly with it

  24. This is the true meaning of bbc

  25. XD it was so funny when he though there was a dash move but that he never know he could fly

  26. Dark shadows combo says darget not target


  27. Idk if you realized it yet, that dash is actually flight

  28. Dark shadow quirk make you fly

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