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NEW Bootrom Exploit For iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/7/8/X Jailbreak ANY iOS Version/Downgrade & Dual Boot!!

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In this video we take a look at the new release of checkm8, a brand new bootrom exploit for all A5-A11 devices. This gives full hardware and software control for iOS! This will enable customer software, downgrades, dual boots and more!

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  1. It would be funny if someone had iOS 13.3 running on an iPad 2.

  2. Madting do you even know how many phones about to get stolen lmao

  3. cool

  4. i hate this only cuz it’s tethered

  5. Damn! No a12 ?

  6. Will this work on windows or just Mac?.

  7. Noooooo i have an iphone xs max 😭😭😭 i want to die

  8. looks good but cant find how to do it?!

  9. Great!! Now I don’t have to instal any of those shady ass Chinese profiles

  10. It’s tethered

  11. Can someone give me the run down without all the unnecessary words? And when is this gonna be available and do I upgrade to iOS 13 or juss stay on 12.4 jailbreak and then I can get the exploit and upgrade?

  12. Good video 🙂

  13. The other dude be like: ima about to cum holy shit 😂😂

  14. Payload injectors for iPhones coming soon just like we have on Nintendo Switch 🙂

  15. We can bypass icloud?

  16. Ofc its only for a11 and below. guess ill die

  17. im shivering of exitement

  18. Actually I always think how we exploit bootrom and how we use it

  19. Does it work on ios 13 iPhone 6s??

  20. Lookin good

  21. It’s not untethered. S1guza confirmed that it is tethered.

  22. Damn the a12 devices are always left out

  23. Incredible

  24. Will this bypass iCloud locked phones

  25. So we can downgrade to any iOS Version without blobs?!!!

  26. I’ve got an Xr??? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🦇

  27. Not to forget it’ll also let you unlock iCloud lock lol

  28. Yay ios 13 jailbreak

  29. Hope it will get updated to support A12 in the near future.

  30. So is this released or what??

  31. Wait so does this mean the iPhone 4s could get iOS 13?

  32. Does this mean i can bypass no Touch ID?

  33. Apple is gonna be really pissed 🙂

  34. Hopefully will see untethered fully jailbreak A12 iOS 12.4 Cydia working apps store camera GPS and all without no crash apps possiblty Lets hope so 😕🙂

  35. Will it work on iPad mini ?

  36. Great News, I’m gonna hold on and enjoy my iPhone X 👌🏾

  37. Holy Jesus…

  38. So i can downgrade back to when ps touch was useable?

  39. This is the greatest breakthrough my brother said it’s not possible but looks like he’s wrong

  40. when you just bought the 11pro

  41. This is awesome news!! Custom ROMs! That is gonna be sick on iPhone.. Android already has a lot of custom firmware and such and is awesome people make some great things..iOS custom firmware is gonna be dope!

  42. A12 here. damn it

  43. Hope Saurik will come back to the jailbreak community soon, because this is the best day for jailbreak community

  44. So if I stay on iOS 13.1 on my iPhone 8 I can do this?

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